How do you private message other users in here?

Can’t seem to find that functionality

Click on the avatar or nickname of someone. A little pop up appears, there is a button to contact this member in private.
You can also click on your avatar in the top right, click on the letter symbol, and write a new message from there.

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I fixed typos on the title and put this on the meta. I think you can close as solved @Watson

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Keep it visible a little until we can be sure OP has read it.

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I don’t seem to be able to do that. Can new users not message maybe?

This is the pop up:

This is in the message menu:


Which can be found the way I explained and with this link as well:

It might look/work a little different on the mobile website.

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I don’t have the “new message” option, that must not be available for new accounts

Thats weird. But possible. Post a few cats and be online for some time and you become a member in no time. :slight_smile:


I believe you have to qualify for the basic badge to be able to private message users.


That’s it exactly. I just reached basic and got it. Wasn’t there before.