How do you unlock EMP device?

I have two of three mission story challenges towards it but I have done all the mission stories as far as I know. Which three are supposed to unlock it in Mumbai?

Any three story missions will count.
But you have to toggle on the mission opportunity and follow the guides properly.
Only when you do this the mission story counts as completed to do the challenge

Pretty sure I have done that more than three times. I’m 99% certain I followed the steps on every one I did :thinking:.

Turn on opportunities with icons. It can be something small like not using a specific emetic on the map

Do the challenge looks marked (completed) in your game?
If you done everything right it should be completed and award granted.
If you completely and fully sure you’ve done everything right, then it might be another bug…

Also I can’t confirm this, I thought they were specific stories.

The “incomplete” story should show up in a post-mission screen after completing the mission to give you an idea of which to focus on

I have done them all and they all show up as complete. I guess I will have to do then again and see if it unlocks.

When I was going through the game to do all the challenges, any 3 stories in any location granted me an unlock.
But I completed all the story missions available

In the post mission screens? It can show up as completed challenge-wise but for the unlock, your steps have to be exact. The only way to track it is through one of these post-mission screen I’m talking about

Does this help?


Do you have a save close to the end of the mission? Just load it and complete, one of the screens (i.e. right before or after the rating screen) should tell you which story isn’t registered as complete.

Then start the mission again, put opportunities on with icons, and follow exactly. It should unlock

How do you kill targets in each of the SM?
I presume you have to kill in scripted way.
E,g, in A Close Shave you have to kill Vazir during shaving. Kill him afterwards with fiberwire or gun may not count as a required condition to unlock item.

And yes, do not skip the final screen where all the challenges displayed. Let them play fully. I’m not talking about cutscenes, they doesn’t matter

I killed them the way intended for example the razor or the measuring tape etc. I’m not playing right now as I just turned it off to watch blind spot. I will check the post mission screen when I’m next on. I’m pretty sure nothing shows up anymore though as I have completed them all.

Complete the mission and you will get a screen showing three opportunities and it will ask you if you want to replay. The one that isn’t ticked is the one you need to do again.

You need to complete the mission story you are missing step by step without doing other things to complete it. This only happens to some mission stories for example, Lights Out in Paris, you wont get the mission story challenge completed with exploding the light rig, you have to sabotage it with a crowbar. I got the mission story completed but not the feat challenge to the mission story before doing it and it was 2/3

Go to feats to find out which of the 3 mission stories challenges you are missing in order to get the unlock then do that mission story step by step as the hints tell you to do.
Its either A dress To Die For, Picture Perfect or Broad Strokes
You should have one of those uncompleted in your feats tab

You can find a similar solved situation here

Have you got the instructions turned on for each story? It gives you the option to turn them off at some stage

this bug happened to me too, for another mission. just replay each mission story one by one until you get it. that worked for me.

That is a way, all though you only have to do 1 of the 3 mission stories challenges you are missing that is listed in the feats tab