How do you use your knowledge from Hitman in other games?

I’ve been wondering how other people use their Hitman skills and knowledge in other games for a while. I feel ever since I started playing alot of Hitman I’ve gotten better at stealth, particularly in games like Far Cry and Watch Dogs.

Let me know how you’re knowledge helps you in online multiplayer games and/or singleplayer games.

Death to Spies since it’s extremely similar to the older Hitman games.


Even though RDR’s controls are vastly different, there are moments when I feel more comfortable with stealth attacks thanks to Hitman.

Playing shooter games, by the same token, does make combat easier in Hitman.

This was before I ever played any Hitman game, but in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins, I recall throwing a shuriken at a wall behind an enemy, they’d look in the direction of the noise, then I could sneak up on them and SK them. Similar to how bullet distractions work in the current game. I haven’t played enough of the older games to know if this is a ‘thing’ or not.

But, other than that, there aren’t any other games I play that are similar to the current Hitman game where such mechanics (as many as there are) can be utilized.


Well, most shooters that have some sort of stealth mechanics have that sort of distraction where you throw and object like a coin or rock to make NPCs turn around and investigate. You actually have me quite interested where the mechanic actually came from.

As for bullet distractions in the older games, I’m pretty sure they arent there. I think if an NPC see’s a bullet impact they just ignore it, I might be wrong though as I normally just use coins.

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Next to hitman 2 my main games are Destiny 2 and Ark.
In D2 as looter shooter I just get more aware of locations and stuff and use the environment more.
In Ark PvP and PvE as a Survival Game I just feel more comfortable with 3rd person cameras and plan some hitman style ambushes on other palyers

A few examples I can think of:

Death to Spies: Moment of Truth - the most obvious one, since it’s pretty much Hitman in World War II. I probably wouldn’t get past the first mission had I not already finished all the Hitman games a million times - not only is it insanely difficult in comparison, the makers also don’t seem to grasp the concept of a difficulty curve. For example, there is no tutorial and the first two misions are some of the hardest in the game. That said it’s an amazing game once you learn how to play it, and it has some features you don’t get in any Hitman game so I’d definitely recommend it.

The Saboteur - another great WW2 game with similarities to Hitman. It gives you the option to take disguises and, much like in earlier Hitman games, running increases enemy suspicion. I generally try to take the most stealthy approach but it rarely ends well :smiley:

Dishonored - when I first played it, I approached it pretty much exactly like a Hitman game, sneaking past everyone and killing only the targets.

Cheers for mentioning that game, Tenchu is one of the most underrated stealth game series. I never knew you could do that, admittedly the 2nd game was not my favorite.

Speaking of which, when playing Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven on the PS2, I sometimes adopted a Hitman playstyle, killing no one but the boss and making liberal use of the disguise spell. There’s no special reward for that, but you can get a Grand Master rank if you do it perfectly.


Never played Death to Spies: MoT, only the first one which did have a tutorial. My guess is that the developers thought that those that will play the sequel would have played the first game before.
Also when MoT got released, everyone that reviewed it complained about the insane difficulty, even compared to the first one which kinda put me off of trying to play it…

Since I finished both Death to Spies games like 3 days ago (on easy) I can say that while in fact they are challenging, in the end it always comes up to understanding the level structure (just like in Hitman).

It’s obvious that at first time when You don’t know where everything is and works You feel lost, but in every subsequent playthrough it just come more natural.

I can only say that more people should give those games a try because it’s worth it (especially when it’s on -80% discount).

By the way there’s a third game called Alekhine’s Gun that i plan to buy, probably next sale.

Got it for Xbox and it’s really bad. Mainly the lighting. With those bright skies but somber landscapes it almost looks like a Magritte painting.

Hitman is too much of a treat in terms of possibilities to trach me anything for other games. On the contrary, I’ll get frustrated in a point-and-click adventure game for not being able to lockpick my way through a closed door but having to resort the classic newspaper under the door, push key with paperclip through keyhole, retrieve key that fell on newspaper shtick.

It is very difficult indeed, but it’s a cakewalk compared to the first Death to Spies. For starters, there is no more insanely paranoid guards who will instantly see through any disguise. Also the levels are much more open ended, so with a bit of exploring (and a shitton of patience) you can find a relatively easy route through most of them.

You should definitely give it a try if you liked the first game, it’s a massive improvement in almost every regard. I wish it was a bit longer, but I’d say it has enough replay value to keep you interested for a while.