How IO made the Hitman trilogy, its stealth masterpiece


very insightful read imo. especially this part by the producer (Forest)

“I would really love to make an airport level,” says Swartout Large. "It’s wonderful and fun to dream of new mission ideas and interesting targets and settings. But with this trilogy we wanted to set Agent 47 free, and in many ways, we’ve set ourselves free too.


Gonna have to make a cup of tea and sit down to have a nice read of this :coffee:


“Missions can also be too big,” he [Mattias Engström] adds. “We definitely reached our limits in Hitman 2 with Mumbai and Miami. It’s better to be a little sharper and more focused, to create a more polished and coherent experience. Big levels aren’t necessarily bad, they can just be overwhelming and exhausting to replay. We actually see fewer players returning to the bigger missions.”

Amen. Give me quality over size any day.


They should really make an Airport map to conclude this trilogy in the best possible way

In one way or another we’ll keep Hitman alive, and we will keep working on it.

Smile internally.


A truly lovely article :green_heart:

My personal favourite:

I love that the game director, not only listens to the thoughts of reviewers and fans, but that he’s receptive enough to internalise them and let them influence his own idea about how the games should play. Goes to show that IO really does just has a fantastic team!


How IO made the Hitman trilogy, its stealth masterpiece. And why the reviews made the developers cry.

It almost makes one cry knowing how deeply the creators of Hitman care about their franchise and pleasing their fanbase.


This was indeed a great read. IO Interactive has received a lot of criticism as of late, but this really shows that they care, about the product, their gamers, everything really.

You guys are great! Thank you so much for this game :heart:

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