How is life for pay the bill you live?

Hello forum community. As was ask is anyone have struggle to paying for rent or living house? Is seem such as my relatives in US struggle to pay the bill. But here is easy I feel. How feel after paying the bill, is have money behind for fun pleasure like buy game? Is seen such as hard balances. Have anyone be still living with the parents because finding very hard for living own self?

As can see post is for receive productive reply. Is gonna be crazy If a staffing member is also banned this normal post.

Thank you.

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I pay 250€ every month to my mom for a rent in a house I live maybe 3 months a year.
My job is 76 km away from my town and I have a staff room where I currently live. It really feels like home or at least I have everything I need including my own bathroom.

I can’t say that I struggle, I can also manage to save something away. But having my own house to just pay other bills would be great.


Out of curiosity where do you live @Glacius

Here in the UK I worked my ass off to pay the mortgage. I do remember the days of paying rent in London and let’s just say I am glad those days are over.

£500 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment :laughing: that was like half of my total income.

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The only bills I have are for Electricity, my Voip (service), and the varioius insurances (that leech off my bank account), but the biggest bill I pay is for Medical/Health inusrance. Other than that - the house I live in is paid for, the truck I drive is paid for. I will need to put $500 on a card for gas here in a couple days - but that should last about 6 months. I can’t say I work at a high paying job, but I’m not in a financial strain either.

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I tough the income for working in London was pretty decent. If may I ask, what’s the standard salary in UK?
Here in north Italy is about 1.200\1.400 € a month in the touristic sector.

Glacius, I’ve heard Mr Dikovitch from the Spiderman franchise is a good person to discuss about issues surrounding rent.
I hope this information may be of use to you


I suppose this is a very complex question.
This depends where do you live, your salary, the way you live etc.

for example:
I live in small community (smaller than a village) 4 km from the place, where I worked. (I quitted almost 3 weeks ago)
So I rent an apartment : kitchen, two room, bathroom for 200€, plus charges (Internet, water , electricity which is around 120€ )
For that my monthly income was a little less than 1200€.

I wouldn’t say I struggle with it, but when it comes for money, I do set a priority:
Bills, food, clothing and finally everything else.

When I’ll move to a city, this is going to raise up…the rent for sure and that start around 300 or 350€.

Where do you live? Same for me, in the smaller towns\villages the rent is quite cheap. I mean you stay on 350-600 but in the cities like Milano a rent somewhere near the center starts from 1.000€

West of France. (or west of Hungary if spending time with my family)
When I quitted my job, I started looking for a new place to live (because I like to travel a lot) and took Paris into consideration.
Outskirts of Paris starts at 350€, but you pay the bills, or starts 500€ if bills are included (TV and internet not always included)

Edit: I forgot to mention the state and size of the aparments…they are not always good


That’s actually a pretty good deal.

It depends.
With a salary of 1200€ it is quite expensive .
My expenses:
32€ water/month
62€ electricity /each 3rd month
200€ rent/month
60€ internet(and TV and telephone)/ month
20-30€ to fill up the gas in the tank/ month
40€ for gym
30-50€ for food -my cat included (each 2nd week)

And this is for my current place, and half of the salary is gone. If I move (not necessarily to Paris) …when I move, this will go up significantly. (so my expenses could go as high as 700-800€/month.)
Also I am single, prefer to live alone, so I can’t share bills with anyone.

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Well that’s the price for living alone. Still if you sacrifice going out some times you can still save 500€ a month.
I have to give back to the Italian state 1.700€ because apparently I earned too much last year :rage:
I’m giving back 450€ for 4 months and is a shit tone of money going away each month from the salary.
My only luck besides those 250€ I give my mom’s every month is that I don’t have bills. Gas for my car and going out occasionally to eat sushi or pizza.
But now that I remember, in September I have a 200€ oil and filters change plus another 300€ for winter tires change.

On average, Londoners earn around £2200 / month (€2470) or somewhere around there. I was earning little over £1000 (€1123) …

Indeed, times were difficult. I didn’t have a car and couldn’t really afford the tube. The amount of walking I must have done :rofl: im guessing at least 5-10 miles a day because I had to walk from north London to just outside Westminster.


No seriously it is like and average 375 AUD for a single person in an apartment.

Giving back? as in taxes?

Yup, it sucks! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If you consider working for black money, there are no taxes involved.

The norm where I live. Technically I could live alone, but the Philippines is the land of extended adolescence…

When I was working part-time at uni, half of my salary went to my one bedroom apartment :see_no_evil:…now I work full-time but the rent is higher, so it’s still a third of my salary :sweat_smile:

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Yes but you can’t do digital transactions, so basically you can only spend it on groceries. Lots and lots of groceries.