How long does progress reset take?

I started the reset progress at and got an email 2 days ago that the deletion had started, but it said I couldn’t log in until I got an email saying it was done, which I haven’t gotten yet.

Anyone know how long it takes to delete the profile? Just curious, been looking forward to playing it again.

You could’ve just made a new profile

Sometimes reset is more preferable

If there wasn’t a way to reset a profile then I would be fine making a new one. But since you can reset them, I figured it would be easier. I went ahead and picked something else from the backlog anyway so ioi can take as long as they want to reset it.

I’m wondering if this is something @ioi_christianco would have the answer to

To let others know, I got the email saying my profile was deleted today, so it took 18 days.

Ironically the same day I found out that I have an extra year to wait for the third one so I guess I won’t be playing 1 & 2 right now.