How long should I wait?

I already own hitman 1 and 2 on steam. I just linked my accounts to epic and bought hitman 3. I went through to account transfer website, And Iv logged on and off, and restarted my system many times. I can still NOT access any hitman 2 maps. How much longer should I wait before refunding?

H2 maps aren’t part of the transfer right now. Everything else will transfer. IOI is working on getting H2 levels to transfer for free for PC people who already paid for H2 on Steam. I think they said it would be a couple weeks or so.

so I should refund hitman 3 until it is? noted thanks @47ProbsButAHitAint1 your a life saver!

If you refund HITMAN 3 and don’t own HITMAN 2016 on Epic, I’m afraid once you’ll come back, you’ll need to buy HITMAN 2016 or HITMAN 1 Access Pass to get H1 locations within HITMAN 3.
And you’ll be in the same situation like this, just with older game


Just wait a few days / weeks, jesus … :wink:


Personally if you plan to just buy it again when the H2 levels are available for PC in H3 then I’d just wait. Why go through the hassle for a refund when you’re planning to just buy the game again anyways? I doubt IOI is going to let this take too long before a fix is released.


Don’t refund, just wait!


Here’s an update! :arrow_up:

Sounds like the end of February at the latest but hopefully sooner is the current plan.