How much internet bandwidth/speed should I get?

Hello all!

I’m moving into my own place soon, and I’m checking out what kind of internet plans I can get.

It would just be me, and I mostly use internet for casual web browsing like streaming music, videos and web surfing. I never stream things like movies or do anything that is bandwith heavy (gaming, [email protected],

streaming 4k, etc.), I do however download large files (~5 GB) from time to time, so that might be the only exception.

I own two devices, my PC and my phone. I’m on my PC majority of the time, while my phone is used very lightly and the things I do on it is mostly listen music on YouTube and play games.

I don’t own any smart devices like smart thermostat, speaker, lock, Echo, Alexa, Google, etc.

I’m very conservative in how I use apps that are connected on the net (that is, I always turn off apps as soon as I’m done with them, so no unnecessary bandwith usage in the background).

I was thinking of getting something like 20 or 25 Mbps speed, but I’m not sure if this is too low.

I’m happy to hear any suggestions.

Thanks in forward.

That’s like I have wrote that :slight_smile:

As for your bandwidth, all depends on your financial opportunities and your ISP offers.
For your described tasks, I think, it’s enough what you wrote - 20-25 Mbps.
But you could buy up to 50 Mbps, just in case

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I think this TechQuickie video might interest you.

Blah DS but goddamn, dat upload.

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This is what $80/mo gets you in the NE US-

Comcast does suck, but what cable company doesn’t?

Luckily most of my family has my Plex Server on LAN. RIP to my XEON CPU thanks to my brother who doesn’t live nearby :rofl:


It’s a monopoly here.

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