How To Break Sgail!

Tigh_Himes Proudly Presents

I hope everyone enjoys watching this as much as I enjoyed creating it!


great work!


Things I learned while creating this…

1.) You can kill the Constant and pass the mission, piss Diana off while doing it and still retain SA.
2.) Zoe has really nice butt cheeks/ not all NPC underwear is the same :roll_eyes:
3.) I’m not sure how to explain, but things can get really weird, example 11:34.
4.) Musicians on Sgail can be pacified with non-lethal objects, but an Apple or Muffin will kill them. Example 13:00.
5.) The Portcullis can hold as many bodies as you’re willing to shove in it!
6.) If anyone is in the radius of the gargoyle on top of the Constants tower when pushing it off, it will kill the person up by it. Not the person it crushes… few examples starting around 18:00.
7.) Game crashes occurred when too many NPCs were KOd. All 3 main scenes seen here ( Phoenix, Portcullis, and Helipad ) are separate games. No way I was moving those bodies from one spot to the next and retaining SA.
8.) I love the Green Guns SA tracker… I know without a doubt @Kotti 's imposed rating system would hate me!!
9.) I need i9 Intel!
10.) If io wants to hire me for any amount of pay, at any location, doing anything, I would be there in a heartbeat! My entire family, we sortof aspire to leave the US anyways to see the world. I’m so excited for the future of this franchise and dream to be apart of it! My entire family knows the passion I have for HiTMaN. It’s kind-of taken over my life.

I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting, I’ll edit this post if I can think of more.


I think that goes for most of us here. I’d leave a fucking meal half eaten :joy:


At 11:24, how did all the guards come around at the same time? Were they KO’ed, clothes taken, then piled into the effigy… and the door closed on it (if that’s even a thing)? Then woken up, then let out…?

^This is my assumption, but verification would nice. I must try this myself! :joy:

Or do you know? :confused:

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After knowing what restroom they change clothes in, I caused a delay by KO’ing three people in there and also broke the toilet. I was hoping they would just never change clothes but the delay was absolutely priceless.
The Phoenix door won’t close when It’s loaded that full, but yes, undressed them all and then lured an NPC to find them and start waking people up.
It took quite awhile at first with only one guard waking people up, but once a guard was awoken they would also start waking up ko’d NPCs…

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Setup for the Portcullis scene.

Loved the intro scene on Miami, was quite magical. Also, the frame drops be real.

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