How to buy Hitman Bonus Episode without rebuying the game?

Hello I claimed my copy of Hitman The Complete First Season through PS Plus Hong Kong but I still missing the bonus episodes, how do I get it since its not available in PS Store? @Travis_IOI?

I would suggest looking at all the DLCs you have.Maybe you did not pay attention.
The bonus missions DLC should appear between Marrakesh and Bangkok(I think).
I also buyed the complete edition 2 years ago(yes it is quite long),but I was able to download the bonus missions.

Some Asian region PS4 players that got Hitman 2016 from the free PS+ in February 2019 have no way of getting the Bonus Episode.

Your only option to get Bonus Episode is to either;
1.Purchase Hitman 2016 First Complete Season, Definitive Edition or Game Of The Year Edition.
2.Or purchase the GOTY Legacy Pack for Hitman 2.

You can use this thread instead, and also read Travis’s response on the matter.

@Ibbe Can you get the maps in Hitman 1 if you buy the GOTY Legacy Pack in Hitman 2?

No, the maps are only available in H2 with that pack.

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