How to do Tuppence a Wish?


The image clearly shows it is from the fountain in one of the penthouses so I assumed like in Paris, Sapeinza and Marrakesh this is a challenge about throwing coins in the fountain. Tuppence means two pence so I try throwing 2 in the fountain, then reload and put to in the other fountain. Reload again, put 2 in each, again then 1 in each. I restart search the entire map for every coin and I get a total of 12 including the ones I started with and try throwing them all in each fountain, then half in each. After all this I still have no idea how to get this challenge, anyone been able to do this?


Hey Welcome to HMF :slight_smile:

Here is the thread that holds the main information to the challenge.


I can’t figure it out either. I got all the trophies but can’t get this last i team fuck


Ive tried put one of every item in each fountain but it didnt work.


It’s probably glitched out fuck


Any info yet?


I tried both fountains, different disguises, up to 9 coins (also how much coins on the level in total? I found 6) no luck, just angry NPCs


Where did you find the coins? I know there’s 4 in front of the last starting location.


I’ve used 14 coins to no avail


I’ve thrown 17 coins in and nothing happened, but I just brought 6 and got them out of the fountain with explosives, then threw them back in heuehuehuehueheuheueh


I think this is broken to be honest. Looking into the distance is getting to me now as well


Nah man, there has to be something we’re overlooking, I’ve never seen a broken challenge before in this game.


At least another 3 in the basement in the room with master key (laundry?)


I’ve never found the master key yet hueheuehueheu, I’ll look into it later.


I think there is at least 4 of them :grin:
And 10 coins (still nothing)


You’ve never seen a broken challenge? There’s been broken ones before they’ve had to patch

Just recently a challenge related to the sarajevo six in marrakesh was fixed


I haven’t unlocked 4 achievements even though I’ve done them.

Also anyone figured out the ‘Looking out in the Distance’ challenge? Went on a rampage trying to figure that out.


A few on room 207, get the key card from the woman on the bar on 1st floor and head upstairs.


Guess that’s only for PS4 users hueheuheuehue.

Although now I remember people having trouble with challenges that unlocked upon completing another set of challenges, but only those type of challenges, not the fountain challenges.

P.S: challenges


I’d hope the reward is 3 or more gold coins