How to do Tuppence a Wish?


6 coins an not enough spare room in any of 47’s pockets for even a lockpick :sob:


Yay, more coins!
And possible 5 master key. Never saw one of them in the bar.


Maybe we have to wear the stalker outfit? to make a wish to meet Jordan?


I tried fountain in the middle of the Emperor’s suite - still nothing.


The expression “Tuppence a wish” is from Mary Poppins about feeding birds (Tuppence a bag). Are there any birds you can throw coins to? Bit of a long shot? I’ll have a search tonight?


There are 14 coins if you bring some. 4 in the basement, 4 on the party floor and the rest is scattered around.


Tuppence is also, of course, slang for two pence, possible referring to two coins. Maybe two coins in every fountain?


Already tried that to no avail


What is this kind of crap even doing in the game? Can someone shed some light on this?

Is there anyone here that enjoys walking around the level, ignoring the targets, throwing shit into fountains?


No but people enjoy figuring out what to do, not me on this occasion I’m just waiting for someone else to figure it out :laughing:.



The problem is that they dont even give a single clue except the fountain.


Still nothing? come on guys! hueheuheueheuheuhe

@GTAJJ fuck the kraken man, if you find this I’ll be impressed.


Spoken to Morten and Torben. Morten is testing out the Looking Into the Distance and Tuppence A Wish for us to see if they are bugged. If it isn’t, I’m definitely going into EE mode :wink:


Huehue wanna test out this gold coin


I’m expecting it to just be a skin for the normal coin, BUT YOU CAN BRING 6 COINS TO THE MISSION HUEHEUHEUEHUEHEUHEU


But its a gold one man! Rly hope for some added property


Still not worth an entire slot :joy:


If its just 1 coin filling an entire slot and doing the same job as 3 normal ones then I’ll laugh :joy:


Also you can fill both your slots with coins! Like a pro.