How to do Tuppence a Wish?


I assume it isn’t glitched then?


Looking In The Distance isn’t since Morten gave us clues about it, not sure about Tuppence A Wish but I’m sure he would have said if they were… right ?


So what dod we do now?


What were the clues?


You need to find the spot on the map where you have the same perspective as on the challenge image.
The challenge is not unlocked by shooting anything depicted on the challenge image.


We find the answer :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I will keep you posted if I find something


Thanks :slight_smile: Be sure to look at these threads for any info that may help you

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Tomorrow i have a day off and I know what to do… :smirk:


Anyone tried to take out all the crocodiles?


I have a theory, that I haven’t had chance to test yet, if someone wants to give it a go.

You guys know that there are two identical fountains shown in that picture, right? One in the east wing, where the lawyer stays, full of maids, and the other the recording studio, filled with recording staff and bouncers.

My theory is you have to get a coin into both fountains at the exact angle shown in the picture in a single playthrough. Remember that in Sapienza you had to get it in at an exact angle standing in a certain place? Perhaps you have to do that twice here, hence tuppence.

My alternate theory - and you’re not going to like this - is that there’s an element of speed involved. You have to throw one coin into the fountain, and then high tail it across the map to the other side and get a coin into the parallel fountain, within, like, two minutes.

Someone wanna give it a try? I’m out for the evening…


Just kill the map and you can sprint ASAP. I’ll try it BRB


Yes. Found 2 . Nothing so far


I think the biggest clue has to be in the image of the feat. In my opinion this could be similar to fountain in sapienza where you have to bounce the coin of something at a certain angle. I think the place to be for this achievement is the emperors room as you go up the stairs there is a mirror fountain. Now if you look at these 2 images you will see similarities.

The thing that bothers me the most its the original achievement pic the black and white one the angle of the reflection you view of the mirror and the position of the stone. I spend 2 hours bouncing coins of the reflection and bouncing it from the light in the picture that is reflected to hit the black stone nothing. Tried then going on the right side and there is a smaller stone if u hit instinct looks kinda golden if u bounce coins of the smaller one it will hit 2 times small one and 2 times big one like tick tick , tick tick.

The other thing as well if its reference to marry popins feed the birds maybe, has something to do with the only birds we got the explosive ducks ? tossed a few in there tried all colors nothing

The other thing i thought of maybe its a misleading image similar to look into the distance feat.
or has to do something with the reflection u see on the mirror.

Even tried going to the door and toss coins from there to the stone and bounce them off.
Lastly even tried to get the coins in the background stones close to the mirror the smaller black stones and nothing.
I’ll try again it tomorrow but i think has to be something to do in this room


Maybe you need both coins to land in the pool at the same time? Throw one high so it bounces off the mirror and quickly toss another straight into pool?

Might be tough, as there is no splash noise when coins land in fountain (at least not on PS4).

Someone else can test this theory, because frankly, I’m not thrilled with new gear being locked behind this nonsense. :angry:


Additional detective work is ongoing in a parallel thread.


Can you guys from IO confirm that the feat achievement is not bugged?


They have done in the linked thread


can u post the link please of that thread