How to do Tuppence a Wish?


BTW in another forum a dev confirmed that its not the one at the recording studio.


i have an idea gonna see if it works ill post it



Well… after all that. That was fairly simple.


I did it but died and restarted thinking it would just give it me at the end of my next playthrough…it didn’t fuck :sob:.


Bouncing coins onto two rocks? That’s it? Did anyone try tossing them straight to the rocks? They have to bounce off the mirror?


Subdue all the npc’s and save, so you can load up as many times you need :smiley:.


It unlocked but because I restarted it has obviously not registered time to throw coins again yay.


I can’t get it to hit the rocks cuz I suck :disappointed:


Has to be mirror, I did off the rock loads of times.


Just complete the mission and it should unlock.


I already did that it didn’t I will try one more time the. If not I will have to throw coins again.


Nope got to do it again FUCK.


Finally got it. Thanks so much @GTAJJ for the video :smile:


Did it again I’m pretty sure you just have to bounce off and hit the two biggest rocks not the middle one that’s what I did this time.


You have to hit two rocks only, the middle one isnt required.


No problem. :slight_smile: Much help with HMF for compiling the coin locations and testing out all these methods to find the result. :slight_smile:


Still no joy getting to unlock I hate how temperamental this game is at times so frustrating.


Restart the game?


It has been figured out. There is a video of it on another form reddit