How to do Tuppence a Wish?


It was figured out here by hmf members


It was indeedys. Still can’t blooming do it though!!


Nice to see you on the stream Mr ufo!


It was a good watch thanks brother. Looking forward to unlocking it myself :slight_smile:


Just had GTAJJ on shareplay doing this :smile: Still won’t register the challenge oh well.


Yeah I put it there lol…


Does this have to be done suit only?


No, somebody unlocked this in a waiter disguise :smiley:.


I just hit both rocks 5 times each with the bounce, and no unlock :cry: Looks like I have to restart the mission again! :disappointed:


You will find good help here :smiley::


There definately is something about the 13 coins.

I tried hundreds of throws by reloading a save armed with 7 coins, and I’m positive I bounced off both stones several times, but no luck.
Then I started all over and first collected all 13 coins to a total of 16. I threw the coins after each of the 3 stones in turn, and -coincidence? the challenge unlocked after 13 coins (all in the pool -I’m also pretty sure I bounced off all 3 stones).


Just loaded up Hitman got some coins and gave it another go and finally got the challenge and the gold coins :smile:. I checked it was ticked before I completed the mission don’t know if that triggers anything I doubt it.



Whey, did you do anything different?


Just did a fresh game no loads collected coins then killed Jordan in crew disguise from the bathroom. Came back down went up to fountain kept throwing and hitting the rocks until it unlocked hen killed Ken and left. The only thing I did different was to check in the challenge menu while in game to see if it was ticked.


I just got it, finally! :smile: One thing I noticed, at least on PC, is when you do get the bounce correct, there is an audio queue to let you know you hit it correctly. Hope that helps, and I thank everyone for the combined effort on this one!!! :clap:


Just noticed that the challenge didn’t stay unlocked for me so I have to do it all over again :disappointed_relieved:


I posted this in the Bangkok spoiler thread, but it’s probably better suited here.

So to help others we need to figure out:

  • Did anyone else get this with one throw? That is, you had no previous attempts.
  • If cumulative then how many throws are necessary?
  • Do we need to hit that big rock to make it count?
  • Did anyone unlock this by not throwing the final coin (which unlocked it) at the big rock?


Okay, a new twist to this…

I checked my challenges and it wasn’t unlocked, but this happens on Xbox almost without exception for any challenge. So I did the necessary trick: loaded a save near an exit (having killed both targets) and exited. However, it still didn’t unlock. I re-did the challenge, again it happened on my first throw, I got the tile, and tried the “exit save”. Still no joy. I did this three times, but it wouldn’t unlock.

I re-did the challenge, got the tile, killed both targets (SA, of course!), exited, and again it didn’t unlock, even using the “exit save”.

Finally I re-did the challenge, but this time I continued to throw all twelve coins into the water plus an FE and two soda cans. Loaded the “exit save” and it unlocked this time. @Travis_IOI: What is going on?

Bug Report Thread

Well, ive hit both rocks multiple times now and i dont even get the challange completed in the corner. Xbox has seemed a bit off with Hitman lately…


Well that seems like a huge waste of time.

What does the gold coin actually do? Is it worth all this bullshit coin fuckery?