How to do Tuppence a Wish?


How many gold coins do we get?


You get three coins :smiley: and can start with the other three and have 6 in total from the start.


Nothing other than typical properties thus far.


I shan’t bother then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just one more pointless unlock clogging up the planning screen.


Are the coins at least “master crafted” with the purple icon?


Nope Blue [Custom]



Gotta do it on both rocks…
I had to at least


Here is a close up on the Gold Coin. In case anyone is interested… Looks a lot like the Blood Money coin.




Can’t get this to stay unlocked. Done it twice now and finished the mission but it appears locked in the challenge menu.


Buggy game is bugged? The devil you say!!


I can’t do it…have tried million times but it doesn’t unlock, it’s the only one I’m missing. :sob:


Well, have you tried bouncing off 13 coins of the mirror I the water? If that didn’t work you might want to try something more difficult. Bounce off a few coins off the mirror and let the coins balance on the stones. If that doesn’t work you might want to try asking “IO-Morton”.

Bjorn Raafs


I did it today, but the gold coin isn’t that special


Boring challenge but is the only way to complete the bloodmoney fetish pack= sieger300+silvetballer+BMsuit+goldcoin+fiberwire=jizzinmypants!


The circle will not be complete until we get the briefcase.


90% of hitmanforum summed up in one sentence


Ah! I did not know that there are Secret unlocks for challenges.

Ale these unlocks, like Gold coins, avaiable on every level? So far i only found that exiting via parking lot in marrakesh lets me use it as starting point.

I try not to look to closely on challenge list i-game. Spoils the element of surprise for me :slight_smile:


Hiding in the coffin in the Church Morgue in Sapienza unlocks it as a starting point, but that’s about it.


Amazing! From there we can easily get the dongle, right?

Fabulous even :slight_smile: thanks!

So Bangkok and Sapienza for me today.


Kept throwing it at the mirror, hitting one rock, then the other, then again and again, reloaded the game, knocked out NPCs.

I think it’s just about hitting the mirror and landing the coins. Has nothing to do with anything else like disguises or master cards (I had none)