How to do Tuppence a Wish?


I have tested this one extensively because it is broken for me. I made a save with 13 coins in front of the fountain. I throw 7 coins at the mirror up on the left side and 6 on the right side and it unlocks every time.

However, this objective is broken for me still (has been since Bangkok came out). After completing it and exiting or completing the level, the objective reverts to incomplete.

I also had a problem where I didn’t get the gold trophy for Colorado, but that fixed itself when the January 31st update came out. However, this problem has still never resolved.

@Travis_IOI please look into this further if you could. Also, my objective for completing the Mallory Misfortune Escalation (first one set in Colorado, don’t have the game in front of me right now) also reverted to incomplete after the January update despite me having the trophy for completing said Escalation.


Hi everyone, so basically most tuppence a wish walkthroughs are a lie. When Bangkok came out, the challenge was bugged.
anyway, it’s objective is to throw 13 coins into the mirror and make them bounce into the water no interaction with the rocks is required. Hope this helped you out :wink:

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Haha. Are you serious? I never bothered with this because how bugged it was. Too funny.

But I think I’ve seen others throw less than 13 coins in.


It was bugged, this is the solution


Ah ok. Cool!!!



So that’s how you do it, eh? Maybe I’ll finally get that dumb coin now.


THE REAL WAY to complete Tuppence a Wish:


I still haven’t done this. I’ve seen so many say so many different ways that I decided to let it go. But it seems you found the correct way to unlock it.



I recommend doing this, it worked for me 2 times in a row :wink:


This is absolutely how it’s done. Just completed it after finding this one, on the 13th coin it completed the challenge.


Why you need to kill the NPC’s?


I think they just react to the sound and get in the way.


fyi, I followed @Bending_Cheese67 's video method, I had 13 coins… but for some reason the challenge unlocked after the 10th coin toss.

As you can see, I still have 3 in hand.

Note: I think I missed the water 3 times and each time I picked it up and tossed at the mirror again… so while 10 coins were in the pool, the mirror might have been struck 13 times.


This challenge is so weird, when it first came out I saw like 4-5 variations on how people thought you complete the challenge. So after hours of failing while having 13 coins in my inventory, one of my tries just… worked for some reason. I threw around 4-5 coins, and the challenge popped.


I had a similar thing happen in Sapienza. I think the game “remembers” previous coin tosses in a single session. So if you load up the level, toss in 3 coins (maybe complete the level) and then replan and start it over again, as long as you didn’t quit the game it will remember your previous coins?

Either that or the coin is bouncing out and then back in and counting double?


Maybe the game uses sensors in mouse and controllers to detect how hard you are “wishing” for the challenge to pop? :stuck_out_tongue:

They need to definitely do a “Tuppence A Wish Again” challenge in Season 2! :smiley:

P.S.: While it is impossible for me anymore to test this again, I did get the impression that the requirement might have been 13 “coin toss mirror bounces regardless of where they land”.


They have to land in the water


But how come the challenge popped for me with just 10 in the water?

What is true though is that your method seems the most consistent, though it still leaves some things unexplained. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to get this challenge done but there is no way for me. Anyone can handle the most consistent way to achieve this? I’ve done the other ‘coin challenges’ in Sapienza and Marrakesh and I wanna get the gold coin asap! :wink:


This works, really consistent