How to do Tuppence a Wish?


Thanks so much for the quick response, @Bending_Cheese67! But finally there was no need of watching any walkthrough :sweat_smile:. I tossed in the mirror 13 coins and then the challenge popped up!


Still trying to figure this F#%&ING thing out…



If you need help, you could check this out :slight_smile:


This isn’t working for me, any tips?


Are you playing Hitman 2016 or Hitman 2 legacy pack?


the hitman 2016 version


That one’s harder, you have to make the coins bounce off the fountain wall and onto a rock in the fountain basin. Google some videos, it helps to have loads of coins and saving right before


I made a video last November after many, many tries. You can track the coin with instinct. They all gotta fall in the water.


@KillerWhale Nice video, but the challenge is not the same in Hitman 2


i tried that however it doesn’t seem to work


do i need to use only 2 coins?


Really? I didn’t know that. What’s the difference of this challenge between both games?


From just completing this challenge, I found out something.

From my knowledge, all you have to do is bounce 12 coins off the mirror and make sure they fall into the water with no coins missing.

At first I thought it had to bounce off the mirror straight into the water, so I saved everytime a coin made it in straight. Otherwise, I loaded the save up again.

After about 6 coins in, I decided to do a test and threw the remaining 6 coins off the mirror and allowing one of them to bounce off the edge. Still got the challenge.

So it seems to me like this is what it is (at least in Hitman 2):

Bangkok - Tuppence a Wish

  • Bounce 12 coins off the Penthouse mirror into the water.


Hitman 2: 13 coins need to be bounced off the fountain and into the water

Hitman 1: A coin needs to be bounced off the fountain and onto both of the rocks in the basin on the fountain. Technically you only need two, but you’d have to save scum pretty hard

video for 2016 version:


This is the most stupid, useless and frustrating challenge in the game. It’s a lot boring and they could cut it in Hitman 2


They definitely could’ve changed the challenge to something alot easier to achieve, i was unable to get this in the season 1 so not looking hopeful for h2.


In Season 1 I got it, but I don’t know how. I threw a lot of times all the coins and I get. It was annoying, boring. Now I’m completing again challenges in Bangkok and this is one of the last. I really can’t understand the reason of an idiot challenge like this


you just need to bounce 12 coins off the mirror and into the water. just save your game everytime the coin goes into the water. you can do this with the default coin, classic coin, or the ica oustanding performance coin


Again, this challenge is confusing & tedious!! Just delete it or change it into simply tossing few coins in the water!


See my last post above on how to do it @Bardachenko and @Rezatera_Eilolsa

No arguments from me though that it is a confusing, tedious, idiot challenge.

EDIT: Make sure you’re at the right fountain, there’s one that looks identical in the Jordan Cross wing. the correct one is in Ken Morgan’s suite