How to do Tuppence a Wish?


Appreciate the help my man, I’ve already done it weeks ago. This challenge gets even harder in HITMAN 2 due to that new coin bounce physics. Sometimes they just simply stick on the mirror.


Hardest, most ridiculous challenge in the game for me was “Slam Dunk” from The Source mission in Patient Zero. Took me forever on each strat I used, finally found one vouched for here on HMF, and a few tries later I finally got it.

I took a video to highlight how tedious it was, though, and tagged Travis when I posted it lol


Yes yes, that’s the one, it’s way too obnoxious!! It’s just so hard, you can barley find a proper way to get it done! These stupid challenges are just “tasteless & traceless”


Easiest way to do Slam Dunk is by using the breaching charge and one coin.
I had it after a couple of tries.


Thank you all for the help. I got it. But, please, IOI, challenges have to be funny. Not boring and frustrating like this