How to fix the ''Get Access'' bug and PS4 missions not downloading

It seems every week there is a new thread asking the same question, which is why I’m creating this thread.

What is the ''Get Access'' bug?

This bug is both on Xbox and PS4. It is when you’re missions are labelled as ‘‘Get Access,’’ as if you don’t own the mission, even though you do. This happens with both Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2

How to fix the ''Get Access'' bug.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Since I don’t have a PS4, I cannot provide information on how to do these steps for that console, however these steps should still work.
  1. Restart your console. You can do this by holding down the Xbox button on your controller and selecting ‘‘Restart Xbox.’’
  2. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the mission that isn’t working.
  3. If you still cannot access the mission, reinstall the game.
  4. If the mission still cannot be played try factory resetting your console. You can do this by going to Settings>System>Console Info>Reset Console. There is an option to reset your console while still keeping your games and apps installed.
  5. If you still can’t play, try waiting for the Ready To Start notification shows, or wait a couple days incase the bug fixes itself.
How to fix PS4 missions not downloading.

This is an easy fix. Simply search for each individual mission on the store and install them there.

Please let me know if I got some information incorrect, so I can edit this topic with the correct information. If you are still having issues let me know.

Thanks for reading!


I found when I tried downloading the extra missions for hitman 2 on my Xbox that the bank mission was installed but I did not have access. All I did was wait for the notificaion which came frommy Xbox the next time I played that said that it was finally ready to play, and then the New York mission just worked.

I can confirm that it’s also present in PS4, it happened to me a bunch of times. Had to reinstall every mission.

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Alright, thanks! I’ve edited the post.

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none of those worked and this is ACTUALLY starting to get annoying as this is one of my favourite games.
this forum page is useless to me, sadly.

When trying to install missions separately on Xbox you are told it isnt sold separately and gives you no way to resolve the problem. Please help. :pensive:

Go to My Games and Apps, use the menu button, navigate to Manage game & add-ons>Ready to Install.

Downloading the missions separately is just for PS4 since missions don’t install automatically.

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I recently downloaded the free hitman 1 legacy pack on my ps4 and played it for like 2 days and then I logged on and the game one day and it said I needed to get access although I already had access and downloaded all add ons. I restored my license on my psn account but the game would still not give me access to any of the missions. What should I do?

I assume you redeemed the legacy pack during the free weekend. This may have something to do with that, but follow the steps anyways just to be sure.

That was a free playtime period on PS4. It was time limited and must have been over.
Now, most likely, you have to buy the game to continue playing

No I you got the full game so I was able to play for however long I would’ve wanted to. I purchased it the last day you could and played it for 2 days after that but suddenly today it won’t give me access. This happened after I downloaded the hitman 2 free starter pack. Maybe the downloads got mixed up idk tbh.

So what games and what versions of them do you have?
Purchased HITMAN 2016 and a free HITMAN 2, right?
And you did redeem Legacy Pack through free HITMAN 2?
Have you logged into HITMAN 2016 game since then?
Maybe you have to so the system can define things and let you play.
The other day I read somebody had similar issue, he fixed it by cleaning up the hard drive.
Maybe you can try do the same

Ok so I downloaded the free hitman 1 game from the PlayStation store and then afterwards decided to try hitman 2. Can you please give me som tips on what I should do?

Buy the GOTY legacy pack and the gold edition