How to force SteamVR when having an OCULUS?

How to force SteamVR when having an OCULUS ? i’ve purchased the game on epic game but the game keeps opening with oculus SDk i want to play through SteamVR

I can tell you that when I connect my Quest 2 to my PC, it needs to open the Oculus app. Then it connects to Hitman via the SteamVR app but both have to be up. If I close the oculus app, the Quest disconnects. I don’t know if you can play without it.

I have HITMAN 3 on Epic and Steam. It doesn’t change, it will keep to open it with the Oculus runtime. Even if you set the “Steam runtime” from the settings of SteamVR, HITMAN 3 will continue to open the Oculus SDK.

For what I can say, I suppose that we can’t do nothing.

P.S: I have Oculus Rift S

yes it’s frustating , i wish i could play with steamvr to add FSR please any dev or admin help us