How to get Legacy edition? (PS4)

Uhh hi!
I am a Hitman noob, maybe this is obvious but… I am having trouble with the Hitman Legacy upgrade (PS4).
I own Hitman: The Complete First Season (although PSN calls it ‘GOTY edition’…) and Hitman 2 +Expansion pass, both on disc. I was trying to upgrade so that the first game’s missions (and all the Anniversary mission stuff happening right now) would unlock on Hitman 2, and I thought the Legacy edition was how I could do that, but the PSstore will not launch from the in-game Store screen (It just gives me a ‘This item doesn’t exist’ error, no matter what I click).
When I tried to go straight to the PS store, it wouldn’t let me purchase anything.I consulted IOI’s Legacy FAQ for help, but…
I am kinda at a loss here, but like I said, I am new to Hitman, so I am probably just missing something.
Any help would be appreciated!

Try to boot HITMAN 2016 game and play any mission from start to finish.
After that boot HITMAN 2. Just in case play any mission in HITMAN 2 as well and quit the game.
Then go to your store and try to download GOTY Legacy Pack.
Maybe after you played both games as described above, after you quit HITMAN 2, the download will queue


Your PSN account region?
My PSN account region:Hong Kong
I bought a pre-owned disc from Spain,and I can’t redeem Legacy episodes in my account.


That… must be it? I bought the first game used from the UK, and I have a USA PSN account.

Drat. Well.
Thank you for your help!