How to get the black winter suit when I did the targets on another platform?

Hi everyone. So I played Hitman(2016) on Xbox one and I played multiple elusive targets. I now want to get the black winter suit on the PC however. I understand that IOI doesn’t want to transfer data for…some reason. But I didn’t know if there was a way to email IOI or call an employee and see about in the very least getting the suit and travel briefcase for having played some of the season one elusives.

Thanks in advance!

Complete 5 elusive targets With a silent assassin rating, or there’s a MKII version instantly awarded if you owned the legacy

You’ll need to claim the legacy pack within Hitman 2016 and download within Hitman 2

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I wanted the “mark 2” (lmao) with the elusive target symbol on the lapel pin. But my progress is on the Xbox and not PC. So I wanted to know if there was a way to call IOI customer support or something like that in order to just get that and the briefcase. It’s not fair that you do elusives that are time only and then end up having to play one platform exclusively to get rewards as a result :confused:

Sorry man I completely misread your post, cross platform won’t give you anything, you’ll have to complete the 5ET’s with SA rating

:pensive: feel for you man

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like it’s a thing that’s possible. The rewards are only granted to owners of HITMAN 2016 on the same platform, as you mentioned, and messaging the devs is unlikely to do much (but it doesn’t hurt to try).

For the Winter Suit itself, the best alternative is try to get 5 Silent Assassins on Elusive Targets to acquire the original one. As far as I know, the suits are identical (even if one is noted as “black”) where the Black reward is the same thing but with a pink pin.
Maybe they’re different shades, but It’s barely noticeable. At least I don’t notice it.

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I understand what your saying, and I agree it’s barely noticeable. But I wanted to get the lapel pin because it’s almost like having a medal. After all those months last year playing elusives it would be nice to have that as a status symbol for doing it. Now I could still use the Xbox and get it, but I’d have to buy the game, get the expansion pass again, and redo all my mastery and everything for one lapel pin. It’s not worth it. But it’s also not entirely fair IMO that my IOI account can’t keep track of which targets I have and haven’t played on which game when I’m already having to play in online mode 24/7 anyway.

The game exists independently on each platform.
One and only way to get everything for your game is just to play the game.
If you want to have everything for PS4, you have to buy and play the game from the scratch on PS4.
If you want to have everything for Xbox, you have to buy and play the game from the scratch on Xbox.
If you want to have everything for PC, you have to buy and play the game from the scratch on PC.

So to have everything in the game for all three platforms, you have to buy three separate copies of the game for each platform and play the game three times on each of three platforms.

There is no technical way to trasfer your progress and stuff between platforms. And no one can help you with this. It’s just impossible like it’s impossible to reach the Sun

I am so confused, why can’t they transfer our progress cross platform? They can’t even transfer our season 1 progress! Then what’s the purpose for IO account?

Someone said it has it’s purpose?
Only purpose of IOI account is a free Hitman comics issue.
Optional you can subscribe to IOI’s newsletter.
That’s it

If Hitman has to fetch my profile and progress/saves from IOI servers then why can’t the same servers cross reference themselves to see my progress with elusive targets in the very least? The IOI account is irrelevant even if it is just for the comic. The point is that nothing can be progressed without an internet connection, so why can’t IOI transfer progress (or at least elusive target progress) cross-platform when my saves and rewards are distributed from their servers and not the game itself anyway?

Money, my man, money.
The more copies of the game you buy, the more IOI gets.
So why would they refuse to earn a bit more?

The next possible reason is simple compability.
Would you say washing machine can interact in any way with a TV?
Here we have the same. Plus some licincing/contract issues, and so and so and so on.

I think for the same reasons we can’t have crossplatform contracts

I don’t see how licensing and contract issues would stop elusive target progress however as that (edit: Contract, I mean those contracts) ARE run across all platforms.

If everything is distributed from the Hitman servers as a reward and not the game, then why can’t the servers look at the IOI account and it’s linked profiles to see the data. Your example of a fridge and a washer would be relevant if they both had internet access and could ask the other if the washer was running or what temperature the fridge was on.

This isn’t about location mastery as much as it’s about elusive target rewards as those are time exclusive, and there’s no reason why THAT progress transferring would affect IOIs wallet. All it would do is make a great convenience for players.