How to know when train will kill the target for sure?

When changing the rails and drive trough the building. One time it kills her. Other times just sends her to the safeplace. Even when you look with instinct she can walk off just before. Is there anyway to be sure when?

she tends to stay there for a long ass time. maybe a bug?

Its 60 to 40% hitting her.

Did you start her meeting with the Maelstrom?
Because that meeting is a guaranteed Double Kill.

I am also uncertain if her Meditative Bath or Throne are on the same railway path

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Yes. 4that it works and used it to kill her and exit mission. But when you do it randomly its hzrd to know when it will work. I took this path to kill rangan and wazir with the crane. Thank goodness I saved before using the train. Rode next to her. So reloaded. Let the first train pass and waited 4 the next one and that one hit her. I was hoping to find a way to be sure. Like hint or color of train or one hitting one not and so on. Been checking her path on instinct and can’t be sure that way. Tried gooing suit only so a set up of position was a bit hard.

Well you can see the train tracks on the map… so it should be possible to figure out which locations of the camp align with what you would see with Instinct from the Train Switch.

But because of the long turnaround time before a train is ready, you’d have to basically sacrifice one run just working out the exact times of the train… then another run to work out Vanya’s exact locations at various times.

You’d need the Mission Clock enabled to get an exact time fix in-game.

Match up the times and figure out which train at which time would be a direct hit.

The other possibility is that Vanya’s routine has dynamic switches. In that case you have no way to be certain of the kill without using some of your own manipulations. In HITMAN 2016 there were targets, particularly some ET’s who had erratic or varying routine patterns so it is not surprising that they would now apply this to some targets in HITMAN 2.


Does anyone knows if its possible to only kill Vanya and the Maelstrom, but no bystanders with the train?

I guess tediously knocking out other NPCs in the trainyard beforehand could do the trick, other than that I’m assuming the train is this season’s falling lightrig.


During the Maelstrom meeting the path will remain clear for the duration.


Just fixed the title to Shah from Shaw.


Could you make the title of the thread not be a spoiler for target kill opportunities? Some of us don’t read every challenge name and description until absolutely necessary!

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Okey. 20202020220202020

Here you go dude. Now you dont know anymore.

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So I have long been able to do this kill, but I can’t figure out how to exit the level via the train. What am I missing?

There is a prompt that shows up on screen. I missed it the first time and only just spotted it on the second, but it is there.


Stand beside the traintracks when the train is coming and press the exit prompt. No need to pull a lever or anything. Just stand beside the train and a prompt will show up when it’s passing infront of you. You’ll exit with the train the same way you enter with it

If you want to exit and kill Vanya at the same time then you need to have Vanya as the final target, pull the lever until the train passes and 47 will jump on the train then press the exit prompt while you’re on the train

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Thanks guys. I must keep missing it. Ugh :expressionless: now I have to go do it all over again bc I forgot to save and I want to exit and kill at the same time.

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Reloaded a different save (with only rangan alive) to test it. I finally saw it. It’s :negative_squared_cross_mark: instead of :arrow_up_small:. That doesn’t totally absolve me of not paying attention, but at least It makes me feel better lol.

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