How to open the rest of the Trilogy after Carry-over?

First i must say that this forum is awsome, very helpful people.

im finished to do the Carry-over and now i just need to bring the missions of H1 and H2 to to Hitman 3.
im an owner of:

-H1 Standart edition - Digital copy

-H2 Standart editions - Retail disc
and within Hitman 2 i have the Legacy pack of Hitman 1.

-H3 - Deluxe editions for PS5 - Retail disc

in game menu it requries me to get the GOTY edition of H1 and the Standart edition of H2.
what, they expect me to buy again the games?
because i do download the HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 2 Expansion and still the missions were not activate.

Thank you for your help!

I believe I have the same, if not similar, issue as you.
For me I have all my suits and equipment from the first two games, and levels tell me I am mastery 15 in Miami for example but, when I go to play the level, it says I need to purchase Hitman 2.
This is very frustrating and I hope it will be fixed soon.

H2 isn’t available right now, IO is working on a fix with their partners. So the best cause of action would be to wait until you are able to download H2 access pass for free.

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Yeah, when I select Free option it says cannot be purchased right now. Just a question, if I do the transfer before I got the legacy, how does it work with their respective progressions? Will try after work because I wasnt able last night…

and it should be included HITMAN 1?

HITMAN 1 aka. H16 GOTY edition was free with H3 preorders on EGS. You can always look at the destination menue to see which levels are playable as of now. I can play all H16 inside H3.