How to play Sniper Assassin PC


Hey All,

I’ve pre-ordered Hitman 2 for PC, how do I get access to the Sniper Assassin pre-order bonus?

Sorry if I’ve missed on the forums somewhere.



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I assume you bought the game through Steam? If so, it should appear in your Game Library as “HITMAN™: Sniper Assassin”.



No I have ordered the Collectors Edition via Amazon (UK)


Ah, then I assume a code for the game and pre-order bonus will come physically with the game.
It might also be in a conformation email from Amazon? Failing that, try and contact them to see if a code was generated or is linked to your Amazon account that you can then use on Steam


If you pre-ordered the Collectors edition, then you won’t be able to play it on PC. There is no collectors edition for PC, only Xbox One and PS4.


They created a PC version


They did!? Thought IO said that wouldn’t happen.


Seems to only show up on the Hitman website when selecting United Kindom, nothing for US (yet!)


@Clemens_IOI will the PC Collectors Edition be available in Denmark as well?


Just been on live chat to Amazon and they said they have no pre-order codes to provide and that the manufacturer has not provided them :sob:


@Clemens_IOI said it in this thread:


Unfortunately not. But you’ll be able to pre-order it in the UK and get it shipped to DK. :slight_smile:


But isn’t games in the UK region locked? If I ain’t mistaken then their CD keys doesn’t work with the rest of EU.


The UK is still part of the PAL region, meaning any game in the EU region should work in every EU country, including the UK


Are you 100% sure about that, from what I read games in the UK doesn’t work outside the UK.


more like 98%, but ive gotten DVDs and games from the continent before and brought them back to England and they worked fine


I remember I bough some DLC CD keys (DLC cars unlock keys) for Need for Speed Shift 1-2 from some years ago and they worked on my norwegian version of the games and we aren’t even member of EU.
So i’m also pretty sure it will work when it is PAL region, but if I was you I would be 100% sure before I bought the collector edition, because it’s quite expensive.


I’ll have to look into it again…because there is no way i’m buying the PS4 Collectors Edition and then the Gold Edition on Steam.


I never had any issues with Steam Keys from the UK (Danish user here)
I personaly pre-ordered the PC Collectors Edition not more then 10 minutes ago, pretty much as soon as i found out that there even were a PC Collectors…

@Clemens_IOI As said by CalumH93, Amazon havent recived any pre-order codes, will that change in the future?


I talked with support team over chat, they said that the code will arrive within two business days after the order is placed.

Edit: I just got the code and sadly it was already used. I’m contacting Amazon regarding this error, I’ll have to see how much they can do or if I have to contact the publisher. @Clemens_IOI can you possible help out?