How to Surrender in Hitman Absolution?

Ok so you press the button to surrender, however, a special animation is sometimes triggered where 47 kneels down. I’ve seen it in trailers and even during my gameplay but I’m unsure of what triggers it. I tried holding the button and crouching or crouching before but no such luck. Is it randomly scripted? Is it a command and NPC says that triggers it? Perhaps the location or disguise…?

This kneeling was only featured in the alpha version. Looks like IO didn’t completely remove it.

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Really? Damn, I was hoping to figure out how to cause. Sucks tho, it looks cool how far 47 goes to fake his surrender. And even more impressive as how fast he moves.

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Are you asking about the action for faking a surrender or the removed kneeling animation?

For the former, it’s holding down [X] on M+KB.

How to Surrender in Hitman Absolution?

Didn’t we all give up on that game? :stuck_out_tongue:

I kid! I KID! :stuck_out_tongue: