How to transfer progress from Steam to Epic


Hitman 6 appears on Epic and I just wonder how I can transfer my progress from Steam to Epic.
Is there any idea how I can do this?


Edit for clarification: Transfer between Hitman 2016 (Steam) and Hitman 2016 (Epic) is not possible.

There will be progress transfer from Hitman 2 (Steam) to Hitman 3 (Epic), but there is no detailed information about it yet. People assume that you need an IO-Account for it, which currently is only used as a newsletter subscription.

You will have to wait until more detais get announced. So far, IO only stated that it will be possible.

But OP was talking about HITMAN 2016 on both platforms, rather than from H2 to H3, right? So I assume it’s impossible to transfer progress of the same game to another platform.

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Please be more specific about the game you’re reffering to.
Most of us know the latest two games as HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2.

At this moment only HITMAN 2016 is available on Epic Games Store.
And it’s been confirmed that the progress will be possible to transfer from your HITMAN 2 game to HITMAN 3. As you might know, HITMAN 2 also contains all the levels from the previous game which is called Legacy Pack. So if you have HITMAN 2+Legacy Pack and already gained 100% of progress, all your progress will be possible to carry over to HITMAN 3.

There were no news for any transfer regarding HITMAN 2016 and it’s highly possible that you can’t transfer anything from HITMAN 2016 (Steam) to HITMAN 2016 (Epic).
That means that most likely you have to achieve and unlock everything from the scratch yet again in Epic Games version of HITMAN 2016

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Yes, I know about this and don’t find any options so…we must just wait : )

Hitman 6 is Hitman (2016). People should know Hitman (2016) isn’t first game in series.

I have both new games on Steam and I know about transfering progress when you buy next game. I only want to know about transfer to Epic but propably devs don’t give us any options to doing this (yet).
Next time I try be more specific. Reading answers when you know about this…it’s unecesarry and waste other time.

We do, just you asked a technical question so using a made-up name for the game doesn’t really help us

But to answer your question, no. The only progress transfer will be Hitman 2 (2018) to Hitman 3 (2021) including Steam to Epic


Seeing the further replies, you are right. I didn’t do the math and just assumed Hitman 6 to be HIII.

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It’s okay, buddy. I can see why you saw progression transfer and immediately thought about H3. :wink:


Noo. Hitman 3 (2021) it’s a Hitman 8. Hahah.
Devs did this change only for new players. Old players just don’t forget what happen before.
Have nice day.

Correct. Still I think it’s less confusing to call the games by their official title instead of a number in order of release (but I agree that they didn’t do a very good job by naming the latest games Hitman 2 and Hitman 3) :wink:

Have a nice day too.

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