How to upload your created contracts onto featured contracts?

In Hitman Absolution: Contracts Mode, when you create your own contracts, how do you then upload them onto the featured contracts folder online so other people can play my contracts?

I can play other people’s contracts but for some reason when I create one of my own I don’t see it in the featured contracts section for online?

How do I get my contract on there so for others to play?

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Featured Contracts are selected by IO-Interactive.

If you post the Contract ID into here I’ll be happy to pin this thread as the one to for people to share a contract they think is worth featuring. That way people can start playing it right away and when the IO-Interactive guys have a look they might agree with you and feature it.

Ok that’s sounds awesome thanks! My Contract ID is: Domino Strike

I think i’m the only one that completed streets of hope (Shaving lenny) suit only in the purist and achieved silent assassin!!!
No one could beat me in this if i created a contract for…but I never can play a contract and never can see my own contracts!!! I think the site is blocked.

I can’t find it. Is it typed correctly?

I’m having a very off moment right now so I probably shouldn’t even post, but aren’t contracts platform specific? That might be why it isn’t visible for everyone.

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Do I have to post my ps3 ID as well in order for people to play my contract?

No, that is not necessary.

Yes, they are.

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I would love my latest contract to be considered for the next batch of featured contracts. It’s called Excommunicado and sees 47 travel to Japan to claim the bounty on John Wick’s head. PS4 contract ID 2-10-5485222-28

Welcome to HMF :smile:

Usually I would direct you to the official submission thread on the Square Enix Forums, but it seems @Travis_IOI is now taking them from here, so wait until the start of next month and he should post in the Hitmanforum member contracts thread asking for featured submissions. Reply to his post with your contract and hope for the best :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. @Travis_IOI, can you confirm that the Square Enix Forums submission thread is now unused? I don’t want to be telling people to come here and then turns out that’s the place they should go.