How Would You Improve Bangkok?


I think that the 2 most flawed missions from Hitman season 1 are Marrakesh: A Guilded Cage and Bangkok: Club 27. The thing is though, I think the big issue A Guilded Cage has is that it suffers when you have to run between two locations on either side of the map, both of which are aren’t that interesting compared to the big city space inbetween. So much so that I think A House Built On Sand more or less fixes the issues A Guilded Cage has.

Bangkok is different to me because while I do think it is also a significantly flawed level, unlike Marrakesh I don’t think it has one big obvious problem, but rather it has lots of smaller issues. And despite having played Bangkok enough to reach level 20 Mastery - havn’t attempted Pro Mastery yet - it is a level I just don’t enjoy compared to the rest.

It feels very… blocky, which is a very unspecific and bland complaint, I know, but I find it difficult to really understand why I don’t like the level so much. I think it looks gorgeous, and I think Thailand is really an inspired choice, one that you rarely ever see in video games. But at the same time, I just don’t like navigating the hotel, be it the upper floors or the basement areas. There is a lot of tight spaces and I just don’t get much enjoyment of navigating the place, often more frustration really.

I’m not a fan of the targets either, at least in terms of gameplay, their personalities are fine. I think Jordon Cross especially is a target that isn’t that fun to take out, and again, I struggle to really understand why. I like taking out nearly every other target in the game, but Cross feels like a chore to me.

I don’t know, perhaps someone who understands more about level design than me might be able to explain why Bangkok could be better, or perhaps say why it is just me who has an issue with the level.

I can think of some small ways to improve the level, like having all 12 standard hotel rooms in usage and each contain something, even if it is just an open window to use as a shortcut, rather than some of the rooms being completely useless. I also think that maybe having the 2 top floors connected by something might of worked too, or at least give us some decent sniper positions.

Any thoughts?


There’s something that will help it a lot: make it actually feel like an hotel and less like a recording studio. I’m not saying that they should change everything on the main mission. That’s unpractical. I’m more of maybe, in a small and unlikely chance, one more mission in there when the hotel is actually being a normal hotel with both floors and the rooms occupied. Maybe set this mission after the Hokkaido mission. Then again, unlikely and hopeful.


You’re right, SA/SO in that map is a nightmare, Ken Morgan as a shitty, shitty route…


@scm97tl That’s a great ideia :wink:


I like the idea, but I think to me after the release of Landslide, Season 1 is basically done, aside from the odd Escalation and Elusive Target, perhaps until they announce Season 2.

I think that is a good point though, the setting is a hotel but with half the hotel cordoned off for The Class, it just doesn’t feel like a hotel. And the half of the hotel that is actually used as a hotel doesn’t really have that much in it. I can’t help but wonder if the decision to make the Queen Suites 2 floors high was a mistake, and maybe they should of had a Queen Suite on one floor and say a King Suite on the upper floor.


I would add an elevator, for one. The staff must be exhausted carrying all the guests luggage up and down the stairs all day long :laughing:


It would be cool for elevators to return, kinda humourous how none of the levels incorporate them, especially the hospital in Hokkaido. I guess that they would need to add in programming and extra level design to incorporate them, especially if in like other Hitman games you can go into the shafts.

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I would like more land around the building. One side of the house doesnt even have an accessible area in front of it. Paris did that way better…


Agreed. An example of this is A House Of Cards from BM. Probably my favorite level in the game, because it felt like a hotel. I loved going into rooms full of people, and just shooting everyone inside. Also, most of the targets have private, guarded rooms, but not like the grand queen or king suites from the Himmapan Hotel. Kind of like @Silvereyes said, The Class just took too much space. Maybe one floor at the most, and imo I think the 2 grand suites are too big for the hotel. Maybe the size of 3 or 2 normal sized rooms might have been better.


Story mode, yes agreed. Both maps have that issue. But contracts mode and ET’s, both of these maps are amazing.
And I play contracts and ET’s much more than story.

I actually don’t like Bangkok at all for story mode, but I’ve had great fun with ET’s and contracts with that map.

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Have to be honest, I rarely play Contracts and only really do the ETs for the suit unlocks, so I’m the opposite, I do mainly the story missions.

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Jordan Cross should go get a Massage (new amenity) somewhere in the hotel. He should also pose for a photoshoot, sign autographs by the bar, or find himself prepping for a Music Video in other parts of the hotel.

Give him more to do. Right now, he’s more well-protected than Kalu Oijofor.


But isn’t he trying to stay out of the public eye at that time due to the highmore “accident”?

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Well yes, but to me in a game like Hitman, if you are designing a target, the gameplay comes first before story. Besides, I don’t think it would really change Jordon that much anyway.


You’re absolutely right. I was just asking it on the current story. So ya, I agree, the gameplay should have been priority for the target over the story.

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I just wish Ken went upstairs on his own after a while, maybe security would get beefier and the routes of the staff in Ken’s suite would change if you waited for that to happen.

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Bangkok was pretty much empty on the hotel side of things, and the route of the targets, specially Ken Morgan, was rubbish.
They should have put more people on the empty rooms, more items inside them, like they did on Traditions of the Trade.
I get the feeling they run out of time, and that’s why the level feels… uninspired.
Plus, Ken Morgan does NOTHING withour 47 interfering. I hated it.


i think the level itself is very good. the main killer is terrible terrible default routine for both targets especially ken morgan.

not only does he not go upstairs unless u go through a very specific sequence, he doesnt even go to the whole bar rest area to the left. if he at least did that it wouldnt be as bad.

both bangkok and colorado were made with zero timed events as opposed to the other levels which have at least one major events occur on their own


More open windows. Trying to snipe Ken Morgan from the hotel is annoying instead of fun with many vantage points.

More climbing options, more pipes or other shimmying objects. Every map should be like Paris/Sapienza, let me climb and get on rooftops too please!

The hotel needed less of it cordoned off and more of it active with real npc guests that go in and out of their hotel rooms. The whole floor that the exterminator is in doesn’t need to be inactive. The exterminators could have been outside from the start and waiting to do their job, or even in the basement.

They also really did not factor in that there is a Jordon Cross fall kill that can happen directly above Ken Morgan. This should have been another double kill like in Showstopper. Or go all out and actually code npc’s to kill other npcs when they fall on them.

Ken’s route and kills are boring. He could go to more places in the hotel like the lounges or the bars. He also should eventually end up in the hotel room suite. This game needs more clockwork systems, not routes dependent on 47 to trigger them…

I also think the exterminator opportunity should eventually trigger on its own. This would create a level of tension as you only have a certain amount of time to get to Jordan Cross before he has to go downstairs to wait out the exterminators. He could have also had a secondary route once downstairs that took advantage of the many bars/lounges. But they didn’t program any exterminator scripted sequence, which is a bit of a shame.

And this one might be stupid, but I would have liked to see 47 fiber wire and put Morgan in an industrial sized washing machine in a scripted kill in the laundry room. They could have done something very funny.


[quote=“LackofPants, post:19, topic:15179, full:true”]They also really did not factor in that there is a Jordon Cross fall kill that can happen directly above Ken Morgan. This should have been another double kill like in Showstopper. Or go all out and actually code npc’s to kill other npcs when they fall on them.


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