How Would You Improve Bangkok?

If every map were like France and Italy, people would be complaining about lack of variety.

He believes Dexy “destroyed” the audio recording, and he was preparing to release a new album.
So I think it’s OK to make it seem like he feels safe.

There should also be a gag/routine for the Exterminator (as 47) that actually involves fumigating the Penthouse or setting up a different kind of trap since you tell the Hotel Manager that you are inspecting the Penthouse. What happens right now is that when you go up you’re on a time limit before you’re cited for Trespassing and there’s nothing for you to actually do up there.

Another Bangkok improvement: Pulling the fire alarm should cause Hotel Staff to guide all guests to exit the building, while guards roam it to make sure everyone left.

the Hotel Staff then all file outside afterwards.

This means that if you time it correctly, a Target can be isolated as the Fire Alarm occurs, but if you stick around too long most of the entire hotel will be marked as a Trespassing zone because Guests and Staff are all supposed to be outside for the duration of the Fire Alarm.


Amazing idea!

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One more improvement:

Challenge: “Honky Tonk Man” - Rescue Heidi from Jordan Cross by assassinating Jordan Cross with the Electric Guitar.

  • When you’ve mixed the tune successfully as the Crewman, record the “New Song” vocals with Jordan Cross. After Jordan approves of the “New Song”, disguise yourself as the new drummer and complete the drumming audition and dialogue on the roof.

-The Class: You (as Abel da Silva), Jordan Cross, and Heidi the guitarist, will then record the “New Song”.

-Jordan will lead you and Heidi to one of his rooms at the Emperor’s Suite (the room with the Electric Guitar) and start talking about how successful the new single will be.

-Jordan will eventually exit the room to “take a leak”. Heidi will confront 47 about the conversation on the roof. 47 will reveal Jordan’s plans to break up the band.

-When Jordan comes back Heidi and Jordan will have an argument, and in the same argument Heidi will deduce that Jordan killed her friend Hannah Highmoore.

-A scuffle will result in Heidi being in danger, hurt on the floor and looking away, while Jordan is holding up the electric guitar to kill Heidi.

-You will get a “Q” prompt to take the guitar from behind Jordan and wallop him in the head killing him and shattering the electric guitar.

-Heidi will recover soon afterwards and she will call a guard when she sees Jordan is down, when the guard arrives they will discover that Jordan cannot be revived. (Note: If you subdue Heidi before she can exit the room, this is still SA since “Body Found” will not appear when Heidi sees Jordan is down. Heidi will be disoriented so you have ample chance of subduing her by repositioning behind her).

-If/When the guard confirms Jordan’s death that’s when all the notifications appear. The Drummer disguise will be Compromised to guards and NPC’s on the Penthouse floor and other areas where Jordan’s Bodyguards may be found.

-Even after being Compromised for doing the “Honky Tonk Man”, Heidi will not alert others to your position if she spots you.


I’d add people who move around the hotel with interesting routes for contracts.

Whipe the whole hotel out of there and replace it with a resort park with luxury villa’s. Ken Morgan can stay but Cross must be replaced with the photographer.

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The only reason I hate Bangkok is because I was hoping for a jungle/forest like setting. Otherwise everything is alright

Actually I was hoping we could encounter any surprise in Bangkok, just like the one in Budapest Hotel.:sweat_smile:

As a huge fan of Bangkok (100% completion having fun every step of the way and creating what is now a Featured Contract), a lot of the things mentioned in the thread are serious detractions from what could have been the stand-out level of Thailand. In order to not just regurgitate what others have said before, I’ll add some of my own ideas;

  • Ken Morgan is boring; not just his route and most kills, as mentioned, are limited, but he himself is rather dull as a character. Most people I’ve heard about this just poison him right after the mission starts and get on with their business which brings Club 27 as a whole down to ‘kill Jordan Cross, and don’t forget the other guy’. It would have been amazing if we got to go after Thomas Cross (for the same reason as for Ken, he kept Jordan out of jail), but that would have required some parts of Colorado to be re-written. Considering the strained relation between father and son, things like having Jordan push the other target á la Highmoore could have remained.

  • The setting in Thailand is wasted, as the hotel could have very easily been anywhere else in the region. This, to a degree, goes for Paris and perhaps Colorado as well, but the issue is exacerbated with the Himmapan as Thailand has so much more to offer (I’m partial, having been there twice). The temples across the river are gentle reminders of this, of what could have been.

That being said, I still really enjoyed the level, and prefer it over Paris, Marrakesh, and Colorada.


I’m not at all saying to make every map literally the same, but climbing should be an option on all maps. Colorado has a nice balance of it even though there’s very little vertical space. Bangkok on the other hand is awful, freedom constricting.

Getting to JC SASO involves going up a specific pipe or triggering a scripted opportunity every time. It’s not designed well imo, there should always be more than one entrance or exit.

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Yeah, climbing is awful in Bangkok. Is climbing a pipe in that map still punishable by death?

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i believe its fixed. i did it yesterday and was not shot immediately

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Club 27 would have felt better if it was set in a recording studio, with Dexy as the second target. I’m not sure how big recording studios are, but should be enough.

I think Bangkok is a good map. Neither the best hotel mission nor the best HITMAN map but still a good map. However there are a few things that would’ve made the map even better in my eyes.

The amount of guests in the hotel is far too high compared to the number of available rooms. I can understand why they wanted to avoid pointless rooms that serve no purpose like in Traditions of the Trade. Still they should’ve added another floor to each wing maybe only have the crew of the Class occupy the floor below the penthouse. There would still be more guests than rooms but it wouldn’t be that obvious.

Future more I think Dexy Barat should’ve been the second target. She’s a lot more interesting than Ken Morgan and is also involved in cover up of Hannah Highmore’s deatg. They could’ve moved her to the ground floor and let her walk around there. Going to the restaurant, meeting with the manager in her office, visiting Abel de Silva in the longue, going outside to call Jordan’s father…

Ken Morgan could still be there, but already in the Queen’s Suite and you would be able to disguise yourself as him and then meet with Dexy in the laundry room.


I felt that Bangkok was just a very rushed mission. The First flaw would be how limited you are to the map. What I mean by that is there is obviously a big open beach that you can’t access and you can’t even get on the roofs. I wish that Bangkok had more map outside the hotel and there isn’t that much in the hotel. Another problem I have with it is the target not Jordan Cross but Ken Morgan. I do not like him because first of all he doesn’t go in many places which is why most of the map is wasted and the reason why you have kill is very dual. I wished you could killed Thomas Cross instead it would be challenging considering that he is rich and will have a lot of security. Probably the worst thing about Bangkok is how wasted the map is. Have of the rooms in Bangkok are useless and are not needed. Fixes I would like to see in my opinion were more map outside the hotel, a different target, and a little bit more use for the map.

Sad fact I haven’t even completed SA/SO yet in Bangkok. I just can’t figure it out :pensive:

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@DangerousPack49 You should watch freeze2244’s video.
(the re-do one, not the original)

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I don’t like watching walkthrough videos I’d rather just figure it out myself, but maybe I will watch it since its MrFreeze2244(I love his videos):heart:

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