How Would You Improve Bangkok?


I don’t like watching walkthrough videos I’d rather just figure it out myself, but maybe I will watch it since its MrFreeze2244(I love his videos):heart:


I think the most disappointing thing about Bangkok was that it definitely didn’t feel like a hotel. It was supposed to be a luxury resort, but there was nothing to do. The beach wasn’t open, there was no pool, no spa, no fitness center, just a bunch of bars and a restaurant. The architecture was sort of weird too, and the placement of video cameras didn’t make any sense.

The other thing that disappointed me was that I couldn’t tamper with Jordan’s cake by putting bacon on it or something, so that Jordan goes to puke not because he was poisoned, but because he just ate something that was non-vegan. That would have been freakin’ hilarious.


I feel that Ken Morgan was there just because they “needed” another target. It’s a shame that there is no main mission with just one hit.


The only way to fix Bangkok to is to push delete imo. I wouldn’t be upset if they accidentally deleted Marrakesh while trying to delete Bangkok either.


Btw, I also think the hallways and rooms are way too big. When I saw a first leaked screen from Bangkok I saw a lot of windows and expected a lot of rooms. A bit TOTT 2.0 in the sun. Turned out to be all over the top, as usual.


Q. “How Would You Improve Bangkok?”

A. Make the prostitutes cheaper Ba-dah-bum

Sorry :slight_smile:


It’s incredibly lame, you either have to do some triggered opportunity like getting Jordan to the cake room, or use the one pipe that goes up to the music studio. That pipe goes from 1F all the way to the 3F suite.

It’s the worst map for SASO by far.


I dunno guys… I’m dipping my toes in Sapienza Pro difficulty… and my initial impression is Bangkok is a lot more fun on Pro than Sapienza is with all the contrived security for the Targets (Francesca’s bodyguards ignoring distractions or calling others to look into stuff for them even if there’s two of them already right there) and Silvio Caruso not eating the Pasta Bolognese unless you stay there and watch him do it within radius of his enforcers…

I got SA on Bangkok Pro very first time, this Sapienza thing doesn’t seem to work so well on Pro.


No offence, but personally, I think pro mode is flawed in some significant ways, and since each maps is customly tailored for pro mode, I feel like that doesn’t really prove anything so much as which map got the better deal out of it.


I feel like they should have had more music themed challenge names.
It would go with the band theme.
Here’s some I could think of:
Smoke On The Water: Drown Jordan in the toilet.
My Name Is Marshall Mathers, I’m An Alchoholic: Poison Jordan’s beer.
The Next Episode: Shoot Jordan while he watches TV.


Every challenge title is a song title, if I remember correctly.


Smooth Operator. That one is exactly the title of a song.


Pretty sure Don’t Forget To Flush isn’t a song. I might be wrong though.


Some of them are probably silly ones (Put the Lime in the Cocount)


Challenge completed!

Also references to this:



Making it look more like a hotel.


More awareness surrounding the ladyboy situation I don’t want to make that mistake again :smirk: :wink:


Good atmosphere surrounding the location but nothing interesting whatsoever inside. Wasn’t a very well designed hotel inside either being chopped into two halves like that, and the luxury aspect of it just limited the rooms that could have had NPC’S for Contracts mode. This results in limited Npc routes due to its restrictions inside and lack of space outside, leaving players with few options for decent Targets. In addition to half the map being populated by uninteresting roadie crew NPC’S makes it the worst map for the mode imo. It stands out amongst previous hotel maps in past titles, but only because of its deformities in design and its exotic background. I miss Las Vegas :cry:


Elevators, hehe, I wants me some gosh darn elevators!


Better target routes less reliant on slow triggering, and more “swiss cheese map” design with more interesting ways to get to Jordan (especially SO) would improve Bangkok 1000% alone. And yes, elevators would be amazing. Bangkok had so much potential.