How You Can Get HITMAN: Sniper Challenge

I’m making this post because I’ve noticed many people think you can’t get Sniper Challenge anymore. You CAN. A quick search of “how to get hitman sniper challenge” reveals quite a few posts with a bucketful of convoluted answers.

It’s simple, if you want HITMAN: Sniper Challenge, buy the HITMAN Collection on Steam.

I and others have bought this, and Sniper Challenge appears in the library.

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t installed it yet, but I know there is the install button.

Avoid the “get the steam preorder page elite edition professional version bundle collection” bs and just get the HITMAN Collection. Sniper Challenge is included. Make sure you get the HITMAN Collection, not the Essential Collection.

EDIT: Also, it’s on sale for $7, and you get around 5 other HITMAN games. It won’t show up until you buy it, it’s weird.

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Console Sniper Challenge is a little harder. I was fortunate enough to get a Pre Owned HD Trilogy that had it.