Howard Moxon vanished?

Has anybody had Howard Moxon completely vanish from the map during the elusive target mission? I stole the egg and now he’s nowhere to be seen?

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His spawn is random so it could simply be you’re looking in the wrong place at the wrong time :confused: Personally I think it’s better to find him first and kill him, and then go for the egg since well, the egg doesn’t move. But if you already got the egg and can’t find him there’s not much choice aside from disconnecting (which will reset the ET) or failing :confused:


Appreciate you replying :blush: I’ve spent an hour looking for him I even caused a panic and all the guests were rushed outside. Went through them one by one and no luck :man_shrugging:t3: I had to shut the game down

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I always suggest eliminating the target before any extra objective for this exact reason, it’s easier to track down a non moving object than a full blown target who may have a random or big route

Weird though right? I checked the whole map while it was in lockdown.

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Yeah that’s yoyr problem, he’s probably ran away due to the lockdown so he is probably in a random spot

If you ever lose track of him… I doubt it was a weird glitch where he would’ve walked off the map… But you can toss a PT and forget it while you go do whatever. Because this spot is part of his route where he :smoking: .


Smoking Kills


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