I bought Hitman 3!

I already beat the game. It was so cool! The Dubai mission is my favorite. I also bought 3 of the 7DS escalations, the Greed, Pride and Lust escalations. The pride one was kinda fun actually. I also bought Hitman Absolution too, since it was only 4$. I’ll make a post about Absolution soon, once I actually download it.

(Edit: I accidentally made this a separate thread.)


I congratulate you on your purchase, but you sure that it’s worth for its own thread?
We have bunch of existing threads where you can share your news and thoughts. Just browse the forum or use search.
Specifically for any new purchases we have this thread:


Oh, I didn’t know that I created my own thread! Sorry about that, I’m still pretty new to this forum. I’ll try to not make this mistake again.