I can’t kill a target if dumped


If I dump a target I can’t kill him anymore, it just happened to me in the event “The politician”. Why?


im not sure what you mean by “dumped”? if you dumped them over a ledge, you killed them


The game doesn’t let you stash unconscious targets in closets or crates, and given that the Politician has a body double, I think you should try killing the other one


Honestly, I think it should allow you to dump a target in a crate or closet and shoot them through the sides (or just open the lid and shoot them, whatever). Since they have the ability for weapons to have bullet penetration, it could be better utilized in this way. Besides, 47 can be shot while hiding in a crate or closet, why not a Target?


My thinking aswell…


Dude stashing the double is one of the best things to happen on “The Politician”… :smiley:


I believe you can shoot through the containers in Absolution, and kill the NPCs in them, but ever since HITMAN, these containers became invincible for NPCs, not even explosives can kill the NPCs in them.


Everything is ok with The Politician aka Barbara E. Keating:

Double can be dumped

Actual target can not be dumped as usual


It’s just the Indiana Jones way of hiding, I guess.