I cannot connect to the servers on Xbox

I have gone through every method to try and connect to the hitman 2 servers but It just will not let me connect.

If someone could please help out I’d be grateful for the assistance.

My gamertag is OGL24

Look at hitmanstat.us if you see that, it’ll show whether the servers are having trouble, if not, it’s more likely at your end in which case there’s the usual local stuff to try, restarting routers and such. I use Xbox, too, and on a couple of occasions recently I’ve noted the connections not been good. Maybe they’re reducing the service now the game’s 18 months old, I don’t know.

Everything is running normally thanks though.

I know it’s an old game to complain about but I got it when it on sale and really wanted to play online just to be able to unlock the weapons because you cant unlock anything offline.

I did everything to solve the problem, I reset my router, I reset my xbox, I reinstalled the game, I did a power cycle on the console and all this has led me to thinking that maybe the problem isnt on my end but that maybe there’s a corrupted user or an issue with the server side. I checked and my nat is open, all other games connect fine even hitman 2016.

I wouldn’t have known about these technicalities had it not been for one very cool fan. I’m hoping chris or someone could reset my server because its frustrating not being able to unlock any of the weapons.

Okay. Post this in the bug report thread - here. I was online for a couple of hours last night so servers, in general, are working (I am not sure how it works geographically, though).