I can't aim with xbox series x controller

Hi everyone. i can’t aim with xbox series x controller. i download the game (hitman 2016) on the epic games store (when it was free).

anyone knows i should ill do to fix it?

Hello, ARGENTAURUM. I need you to check a few things before possibly sending a ticket to the developers:

  1. Do you press the right button to aim? It should be LT by default.

  2. If you do, could you try reassigning ‘aiming’ to another button?

  3. Do you have the right item on 47’s hand? It needs to be a gun or a melee weapon.

  4. You probably have done this. But could you restart the mission/contract?

  5. Does the button work on any other games?

  6. Could you unplug other devices and only connect your controller to the USB port?

That’s it for now. If none of the above suggestions fixes your problem, you may contact IOI through the following website. It says it’s for HITMAN 3, but I am sure they will help you nonetheless.

Hope your issue gets resolved soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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