I don't have 47's signature suit in the disguises menu

Hi, I bought Hitman 2 on Steam this month and played through it on Professional. I tried the first escalation in Paris only to realize it asks for ‘47’s signature suit’ which… I don’t have? I’ve tried validating Steam files, creating an IOI account, asking Warner Bros tech support, etc.

I can select plenty of different outfits at the planning stage : default tuxedo (in Paris), Absolution white suit, and so on. I just don’t have anything called ‘47’s signature suit’ in that menu.

From the Wiki I understand that it should be included from the start, and not something to be unlocked. So what gives?

Must be a glitch, it should be the very first suit on the list. Can you Privacy -> Opt-out in the options menu and reconnect?

I just did! And the suit indeed was there when offline. I started a regular Showstopper with it to confirm and save game. Then went back to the main menu to reconnect. And it disappeared again… My save game is still there but it asks me to disconnect in order to load it. So weird.

Here’s the menu when online :

And here is the menu when offline :

The servers are refreshed in 8 days (when the ET ends), you should deffo get it by then. But people to contact is (at)Travis_IOI or (at)Clemens_IOI

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Ok I’ll send them an email and wait for a few days. Thanks man.

If you saved the game in offline mode, you won’t be able to play this save in online mode and vice versa.
It’s not weird, it’s just how it works

Still no signature suit on my end… Slowly making my peace with it.

Maybe @Travis_IOI and @ioi_christianco could see what’s going on?