I got a problem

I just buy and pay 24.99 from ps strore, then I downloaded it and then went to the game to play it says get access !!
So how can I play??


Did you download each individual map?

Same as other PS4 players who couldn’t gain access to their contents, you may try reactivating your console as your primary PS4:

Same problem but i bought the 60$ standard edition i tried deleting it and redownloading it but it did not work. (PS4 also) i made sure that all the maps were downloaded.

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So you bought the Standard edition and you bought GOTY Legacy but you can’t access the Legacy maps even though installing them all manually, right?

I have only the standard edition but the guy on top has the GOTY Legacy but I can’t access any of the maps that isn’t Hawkes Bay. Before I bought Hitman 2 i got the starter pack which has the Hawkes bay only then a few hours later I bought the standard edition after all the maps finished installing i tried playing them but say "get access I then clicked and it took me to the playstation store with the starter pack and says obviously “downloaded”.

Uninstall Free Starter Pack, launch Hitman 2 and you should have access to all H2 maps that you’ve installed.

Free Starter Pack only lets you accrss HB, thats why you cant access the other maps when launching it.

I already tried that but i finally fixed it you have to manually deactivate the ps4 but thanks for the help