I have visual and 100% I.D (Game)

Inspired by Hitman 2 Silent Assassin’s mission “St. Petersburg Stakeout” and 2016’s Hitman “The Vector” here is a game where you describe your target for someone to guess who it is. You may only have 5 clues max but you do not have to do all five if you don’t want to. (Do NOT say if your target is male or female at any time!) For example…

  • “The Target wears sunglasses.”
  • The Target is a smoker.”

(Random forum member incorrectly guesses: Landon Metcalf?)


(Additional clue)

  • “The Target is wearing something pink.”

(Random forum member correctly guesses: Silvio Caruso?


Then that person would make their own clues. Remember, the maximum is 5 clues. You can choose to have all 5 on your first post, or just start off with one. You also do not have to post additional info if someone guesses wrong. It’s entirely up to you! Each member only gets one shot :wink:

Do you have a visual on the Target, 47?”

Clue Examples
  • “The Target is (blank) years old.”
  • “The Target is 6’2” and weighs approximately 200lbs.”
  • “The Target has bright red hair.”
  • “The Target has a friend named Sammy.”
  • “The Target has green eyes.”
  • “Here we go, 47. According to our files, your target walks with a limp.”
  • “The Target is waiting for somebody to arrive.”
  • “The Target wears a very expensive wrist watch.”
  • “The Target carries a knife at all times.”
  • “The Target once knew one of your previous targets, 47.”

I linked this thread to this one, so members can easily access all of the Targets in the Hitman franchise. Just in case you need a recap during this game. Have fun!


I’ll get us started…

  • “Here we go, 47. The target is expecting you…”

  • “Judging by the looks of the target, they apparently love to be “heard.”

  • “The target seems to be paranoid and is also demonstrating cowardly-like behavior.”

  • “The Target carries a weapon that was made by the real Austrian engineer; Gaston. Who was born on July 19th 1929.”

”Do you have a visual on the Target, 47?”

Jordan Cross.

Crap, didn’t notice the last hint at first.

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No, not Mr. Cross

@TheContractor get in here!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohhh, okay well weapons are my special point. But armed target at least rules out WoA, hmmm

A paranoid coward who’s expecting you :thinking: Ngl this one has me slightly stumped

I’ll defer over to @Gontranno47 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Albert Fournier the inspector?

The last hint is about Glock :slight_smile:


You got it man! Inspector Albert Fournier is correct. Target down! Excellent job, Agent. Your turn!

Alright, let’s go!

  • The target has a unique weapon, but doesn’t seem to have it at the moment.
  • The target has a sidekick named Alice.
  • The target shares the first name with other targets from your past, 47.

Is it Vaana Shaw???

Nope. And you got her name wrong anyway :stuck_out_tongue: it’s Vanya Shah


WTF is that?

Lol the last clue made me remember how Vaanas name is in Dance With The Devil :laughing:

Anyone else :stuck_out_tongue: ?

This game is fun. However it’s not fun when you play alone :cry:

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Well I already took a guess… so maybe repost the intel again and maybe 1 little additional clue?

I had a go at thinking but the name Alice really isn’t ringing any bells for me :man_shrugging:

Is it Mark Faba?

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That might be because she doesn’t appear in person! We can only hear the name mentioned in dialogue.

That’s right! Your turn.

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Mark Faba is one of my fav characters, excuse me while I go hang myself in shame :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Okay, here goes:

  • The target has just arrived

  • The target is preparing for a business meeting

  • The target holds something valuable