“I Have Visual Contact And 100% ID.” GAME

”Do you have a visual on the target, 47?”

(In case you aren’t aware, the title of this thread is the quote Agent 47 said in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.) Why did I do that you may ask?

That mission inspired me to make this game. Similar to the HMF game “Guess Who” (only slightly different.) in this game, you must give no more than FIVE clues giving a description of ANY target in the franchise (it may be less, it’s up to you.)



(Diana’s Voice)

  • Hospital records indicate the target is infected with some sort of virus.
  • The Target has very thin grey hair.
  • According to our intel, the target has a user name on several message boards on the internet known as “Black Tide.”


Yes, this was very easy in regards to descriptions lol but it’s only an example. You get the idea. Feel free to use info you find in the targets bios, or describe traits the target shows in game, just remember not to give away the targets gender. You can also state the targets age / height (if available) or add color of hair, clothing, jewelry etc…

Post a description (5 or Less) then allow 3 DIFFERENT members to guess. If nobody gets it, original poster goes again. The person who gets it correct will then take next turn.

If you choose to not list five clues from the start— Feel free to give ONE more additional clue after a wrong answer is guessed by another member.

For example: You give 3 clues right of the bat. Then a member guesses incorrectly, you may then CHOOSE (you don’t have to) to give ONE more additional clue. But remember; no more than 5 (FIVE!)

Good Luck, Agents. And don’t shoot until you have a positive ID on the target!


I’ll start…

  • The Target is responsible for nearly two dozen deaths.

  • According to our intel, the target has a bad knee.

  • The Target has been wanted by authorities since 1996.

  • Birth certificate indicates they are 43 years old.

Diana: “47, do you have a visual on the target?”


I was going to say it’s Etta Davis but birth certificate really confuses me. Maybe it’s fake or something.

Just one question. Targets are only from H1 and H2 or entire franchize?

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ANY target from entire franchise, yes.

@Pollisya_Hotel the target is in fact 43 years old. I just used “birth certificate” as if Diana is looking through files lol

”The clock is ticking, 47…”

I like this idea for a forum game! Raymond Kulinsky had a bad knee that prevented him from competing in the Olympics and as an assassin, I can imagine him killing 24 people.



”Target Down! Good work, 47.”
Raymond it is! Your turn.


And thank you! :blush:


Here we go, 47. Your next target:

  • Is meeting with someone else, so watch your aim.
  • Seems to act as an informant in the criminal underworld.
  • Will be travelling via limousine.
  • And according to surveillance from a previous meeting, they usually wear an ushanka.

That would be Russian mafioso Igor Kubasko.

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Correct, your turn! Was it the ushanka that gave it away?

P.S. You may have noticed the subtle reference in “Here we go, 47” because that is the first line of Diana’s briefing for that mission.

The limousine and previous meeting surveillance gave it away for me almost instantly. From there it was simple to figure out whether it was him or the general.

Next one:

Hello, 47. We’ve gathered the following intel on the target:

• The target has restored their faith in their original religion.
• They own a personal helicopter.
• The target is apparently camera shy.

Lorne de Havilland was camera shy and had a navy pilot or something similar. And wasn’t he a born-again Christian, or did I imagine that part?

Spot on, you got all the clues right!


Okay now for a difficult one! 47, your target tonight is:

  • Partial to the use of bribery to help their employer.
  • Apparently they have the same taste in weaponry as you do, 47.

Hint if you need it: If you look closely, there are three clues.

THAT is a very fun one!

I believe it is Roman Khabko

At first I was like, 47’s weapons? Must be fibre Wire or silver baller. But nay! It is his iconic (but never used in game I think) TOASTER!


Which Khabko uses to beat another inmate with (not how I think 47 would use it). And obviously he brides the warden.

Hopefully this is right and I haven’t made a fool of myself :wink:

Actually I think Khabko uses a car battery :sweat_smile: but I’ll keep my guess up there anyways :smile:

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It isn’t correct but it’s so vaguely connected to the Blood Money promotional material that I kinda wish I had selected him! If nobody is able to guess it, I will eventually reveal all!

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Hmm… could it be Robert Knox? This seems like a tough one…

Nope, not Mr. Knox. Would you like me to reveal what the third hint is from that description?