“I Have Visual Contact And 100% ID.” GAME

First outsource kill should be Paris Opera. Then this one, Jordan Oops he did it again, chief surgeon kills Soders, Robert blows Sierra, Kashmirian kills Dawood and Vanya… At least six :thinking:

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I had the Paris Opera, the poisoned fugu delivered to Hayamoto Jr. by his concubine, the chief surgeon, and the Kashmirian :smile:


dont forget the Waiter who brings Zaidan the poisoned food. :smile:

Oh yes indeed! :smile:

Well, poison brought by other person isn’t really an outsource kill. Because if so, then target drinking poisoned drink should be considered suicide :sweat_smile:

What about when you start the prison riot in Siberia? You can have the prisoners start a fire that kills the targets

Oh no @Gontranno47 you go, i just enjoy the guessing part, and you got it right

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Hello 47, your next target:

  • Lives on an island, of sorts.
  • Has a high turnover on domestic staff.
  • Has a moustache.

Be careful 47, your target is playing a most dangerous game.

Winston Beldingford is down

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Damn straight! Did you get the Richard Connell reference? :open_mouth:

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I diiiiiiid! Nice one!

Edit: It’s actually the only reason I got it


Oh nice! :smiley: I expected it to go ignored because it’s just the “good luck 47” bit!


I’ll post a target when I can, I’m a bit busy at the moment

Hello, 47. Your target:

  • Is one of the youngest targets you have had to eliminate.
  • Your target has killed at least once before.
  • They are a sanctioned target by [REDACTED].
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Jordan Cross?

I’m gonna say Jonathan Smythe (Elusive Target)
If I’m correct, someone may have my turn…

@Silvereyes sorry, but incorrect.
@Piano_Man you’re right!


Ok I will go seeing nobody took my turn…

Hello, 47. Your target is planning to disappear

  • The Target has a significant other who owns their own business… which isn’t doing quite well, it appears…
  • Your Target is planning to double cross some of their associates.

”Do you have a visual on the target, 47?”

The target is Ljudmila Vetrova…

I think…

No, I’m sorry. That is incorrect… the clue about the business is; It’s a legitimate business.