“I Have Visual Contact And 100% ID.” GAME

I had the Paris Opera, the poisoned fugu delivered to Hayamoto Jr. by his concubine, the chief surgeon, and the Kashmirian :smile:


dont forget the Waiter who brings Zaidan the poisoned food. :smile:

Oh yes indeed! :smile:

Well, poison brought by other person isn’t really an outsource kill. Because if so, then target drinking poisoned drink should be considered suicide :sweat_smile:

What about when you start the prison riot in Siberia? You can have the prisoners start a fire that kills the targets

Oh no @Gontranno47 you go, i just enjoy the guessing part, and you got it right

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Hello 47, your next target:

  • Lives on an island, of sorts.
  • Has a high turnover on domestic staff.
  • Has a moustache.

Be careful 47, your target is playing a most dangerous game.

Winston Beldingford is down

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Damn straight! Did you get the Richard Connell reference? :open_mouth:

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I diiiiiiid! Nice one!

Edit: It’s actually the only reason I got it


Oh nice! :smiley: I expected it to go ignored because it’s just the “good luck 47” bit!


I’ll post a target when I can, I’m a bit busy at the moment

Hello, 47. Your target:

  • Is one of the youngest targets you have had to eliminate.
  • Your target has killed at least once before.
  • They are a sanctioned target by [REDACTED].
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Jordan Cross?

I’m gonna say Jonathan Smythe (Elusive Target)
If I’m correct, someone may have my turn…

@Silvereyes sorry, but incorrect.
@Piano_Man you’re right!


Ok I will go seeing nobody took my turn…

Hello, 47. Your target is planning to disappear

  • The Target has a significant other who owns their own business… which isn’t doing quite well, it appears…
  • Your Target is planning to double cross some of their associates.

”Do you have a visual on the target, 47?”

The target is Ljudmila Vetrova…

I think…

No, I’m sorry. That is incorrect… the clue about the business is; It’s a legitimate business.

Dalia Margolis?