“I Have Visual Contact And 100% ID.” GAME

This is the third hint, I believe.
Btw I’m participating in the game too, you all guys just faster than me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I GOT IT! Andrei Puscus

Correct! Night time mission, bribed the courts to let the Meat King off, and is the only character other than 47 who owns a Silverballer (although it’s never explained why :stuck_out_tongue: ) - your turn!


That’s okay, Roman isn’t bothered


Oh wow, good one!! That went over my head haha
@Pollisya_Hotel your go my friend.

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Thank you, I tried to make it tough by giving very little clues, but still giving you enough that it could only be one person :smiley:

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Aim down your sights, 47 - we have a new target.

  • He/she loves wine.
  • Our client has supported him/her in the past, but this shouldn’t become public.
  • He/she has pathology of some kind.

Good luck.

Silvio Caruso? The client was an Ether shareholder and in the therapy session he says he has a ‘pathological fear of women’

Hello and welcome!
Good guess, but unfortunately it’s not Silvio.

@Gontranno47 @Piano_Man @Coot @TheContractor
Bumping the thread :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried thinking but I was really stumped

Wine just makes me think Fernando Delgado, but I don’t know he had a ‘pathology’ so

This is a really great game but the only targets I really know are past 2016. Absolution’s targets are so damn forgettable and blood money didn’t strike a chord for me either.

This is a tough one, but it’ll be so obvious when you tell us :laughing: Dino Bosco perhaps? He was supported by the company that’s now paying to have him killed, but I don’t remember any mention of wine. I know Silvio Caruso, The Congressman and (maybe) Claus Hugo Strandberg like their wine.

I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say Margolis maybe??

Everybody - no!

You’re on the right track though :wink:

I’m that case, I’d have to say Andrea Martinez? Or Manual Delgado…

Nope. But the wine is Delgado’s, that’s right.

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Well it can’t be anyone from Three-Headed Serpent. Providence is the client in that mission and the Delgados never worked for them, right?

Right. It’s not THS target.

Here is 4th hint for everyone: Target is pathological liar

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oh god, I’m still not closer :sweat:

assuming it is a Blood Money target, but genuinely no idea which one.