I hope Hitman 3 drops the tall grass. It is lazy and boring

Tall grass is such a boring and lazy solution to “stealth” in video games.

I can understand Asscreed and Horizon doing it. Those aren’t stealth/puzzle games and need to mimic stealth sections. But Hitman, as evident by previous entries, doesn’t even need it. Or at least sparringly.

What makes Hitman so interesting are the chain of events and solutions to getting to an object of desire, or past a certain roadblock. Not by copy pasting tall grass everywhere. Whittleton Creek felt like a huge tutorial map in how simple and easy it was designed. Especially due to the tall grass.

I hope that Hitman 3 either goes back to setting up more interesting ways, as opposed to opting for “just crouch in the tall grass and lure someone in lmao”.

Disagree. It made Colorado a whole lot more fun for me.


Tall grass is nothing to NPCs.
They can easily see, spot and hunt 47 through it.

It’s more like just a decoration for the player. Tall grass is mostly used in Santa Fortuna and it can work like nothing. especially when you’re hunted. No matter how far from the battle you are, NPCs will spot you and either compromise or kill


I would argue it’s not lazy

It’s a completely logical gameplay component that adds more depth to each map; hiding, hiding bodies, hiding weapons etc.

The ability to hide in foliage is essential to the coca fields in Colombia, the beach in NZ and some others.

Besides, it’s a godsend for SASO runs.

As Quinn has said, Colorado was massively improved with hiding in foliage.

If you could elaborate on how it is “lazy” I would appreciate it


I wouldn’t call it ‘lazy and boring’. As 47, guns and bodies aren’t completely hidden while there.

Not too practical considering 47 is easily spotted when a person comes near him while hidden in foliage, front attacks void SA and going behind them can only be done before they arrive so they are guaranteed to spot 47 on the way.


Was this post made by a lawnmower?


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2000 - silent walk - silent kill. Coldblood
2020 - annoying hide&seek in grass with stupid AI NPC

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Reporting duplicate account for @MrOchoa :grin:


I get what this guy is saying it does seem a little cheap to have a hidespot where you can move with little risk. Maybe increasing guards reaction to moving grass could make it a little more challenging

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If you don’t like hiding in the tall grass in Hitman 2 then don’t hide in it same as I didn’t like point shooting in Hitman Absolution so I never used it.
You can easily use or don’t the game’s mechanics to fit your play style, here’s an example to follow if you want an old school Hitman experience:

  • Disable all hints / missions stories and never follow them
  • Never use instinct, only use your mini-map to locate targets
  • Disable the visible grids for the CCTVs
  • Never use coins / throwable items / radios / faucet etc to cause distractions
  • Never use silenced weapons to cause distractions
  • Always start missions at the default starting point
  • Do not smuggle items into a mission
  • Always start a mission with only a firearm, fiberwire and the lockpick. Briefcase only for bringing a sniper rifle
  • Only subdue NPCs with the Sedative Syringe that you brought into a level by replacing one of the items I mentioned above. No subdue with items and no subdue from behind. That also means no killing when subduing
  • Never use tall grass to hide yourself or bodies in
  • Never use containers to hide yourself or bodies in
  • Do not use ledges / pipes to reach certain areas
  • Never use the “vault over” action to reach an area
  • Never use the cover system / no subdue from cover
  • Do not use accidents to take your targets out, only fiberwire, edged weapons or firearms
  • Only use the game’s autosave, never manual save. Preferably play on Master difficulty to be close to the older games.

There, I think I solved your problem with lazy features in the new Hitman games.

Come to think of it… Hey IO, can we have a preset like this in Hitman 3?


you just made the game 100 times more difficult


As Ort-Meyer would say in Codename 47

E X C E L L E N T !


Lol what? How does the grass make WC easier


A cocca field or other vegetated location without “tall grass” sounds lazy.
Guess some players prefer urban locations without organic fluff.
I hope Hitman 3 continues to have this mechanic, (There has to be some sort of scarecrow tribute) and the guards see through it just fine.


Like they say here. The drugfield won’t work without. And also the fact don’t use it as cover if you don’t want. I like to feel like a raptor in jp2. Hehe. Also like the citytype mssions without it. It’s just an extra option…


I liked it. I think foliage stealth is cool. Far Cry made me love it.


I’ve complained about foliage stealth in video games for a while because often times, it’s essentially the only stealth mechanic in games that are otherwise action oriented. Hitman has so many options; it’s just one more in the stealth tool box so it’s fine.

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Braindead is the term I would use.

I think I already did in the OP. Hitman lives off of interesting and elaborate puzzle situations, not by just crouching in meme grass. Wanna go past a guard? Cause a distraction, grab a disguise or make him leave. Not by just crouching past him unseen. Calling it “depth” is one of the funniest arguments I ever heard. Literally every game that has tall grass is dumbed down in terms of stealth and decision making by the players. Hitman is no exception. Just like you said : hiding stuff becomes WAY TOO EASY.

But I give you that: the coca fields in Colombia and the beach in NZ were the only times it was appropriately used in this game.

Sorry, but this never happens to me. Hunting is a fail state in this game. So I’m not sure how this is an argument here.

First of all, most tall grass is wide enough so you can easily circle someone. You should know that. Secondly: they only spot you when they’re very close and then not even instantly, so that point is moot too. You know very well that I’m talking about the general impact.

Like 2016 you mean? Good!

Have you played the map? Tall grass is so conveniently placed that a player has hardly ever even use his brain before taking someone out. One of the guards in front of Janus’ places even randomly stays right in front of a patch, conveniently out of sight of the door guard. Yes, this is totally not easy at all, as opposed to having to deal with subdueing him without grass… smh. Not to mention the huge patch behind the other target’s house. Just ewww. If IOI is running out of money then at least go down in style.

Sheesh, I’m not surprised that Hitman 2 is such a downgrade from 2016 after reading these replies. RIP Hitman 3 I guess…

Tall grass should cover you from outsiders, even in hunting state.
But here we have the opposite thing. When NPCs know where you are, they will follow you even in the grass. More of that, nearby NPCs will hear the shots and immediately spot you in that grass, so it doesn’t really hides you