I hope the developers can put Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018) steam achievement describe language add Traditional Chinese language

I believe this is not difficult for developers, I hope developers can hear and accept suggestions.

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@Travis_IOI kindly note above.

PS4上的《刺客任務 2》倒是有繁中版本的成就/獎盃列表啦,但我剛剛看了Steam頁面是沒有的樣子。《HITMAN 2016》就沒有辦法了,因為遊戲本身沒有繁中版本。

Trophies are listed in Traditional Chinese on PS4 for HITMAN 2, but I just saw there is none for Steam. I don’t think they can make any change for HITMAN 2016, since the game came out without TC version.

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