I just really wish one thing: When H3 is out and the Hitman World of Assassination cycle is done, please, can we get all the Elusive Targets to be permanent?

It’s my wish. I began playing Hitman with H2 and i missed a lot of elusive targets from H2016 and, besides that, there are some i’d like to play right now and i can’t because it’s time-limited content.

Pls IO, it can’t be THAT difficult

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We won’t because everyone likes missable content. Kek.

But featured contracts are superior, of course. Not.

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I could see when they finally stop supporting the game letting that all out but I doubt it will be any time soon. I wouldn’t expect it for at least a year after 3 comes out.

Before getting Elusive Targets permanently (which i agree is a must-have), i’d rather have FULL OFFLINE SUPPORT, since it’s mostly a singleplayer game.

  • Offline Unlocks
  • Offline Ratings
  • Full Offline Game

Despite asking questions everywhere, they seems to simply avoid answering these, and i think that’s because they are not willing to fix this.

That’s very concerning to see such a game being locked through online DRM and i won’t support that kind of behaviour anymore.


Who told that after H3 World of Assassination is done?

They said it before, it was planned as a trilogy of 3 seasons.

Think it’s for the best, after season 3 give it a break of decade or two to work on future gen Hitman and the Hitman community will be tad busy with WOS

Please use an existing topic for this matter. Or please realize that it is a dead horse topic because of the huge number of threads about it:

Note that these are only the threads of Hitman 2. You can easily quadruple it with H2016.


It’s not a question weather or not it’s difficult. I would say it would be rather easy in fact, however it’s not the idea behind the concept. Having them as replayable characters would simply defeat their purpose, I’m personally fine with them never returning when they are gone. Yet they do and we could expect a lot of the Elusive Targets return for H3.

But they should stay Elusive.

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