I made an interactive map of Hitman Paris level

Hi! I already posted on Hitman Subreddit here, so I’m just going to copy-paste the post :slight_smile:


It contains almost every object in the game, aside from non-static items, like Helmut’s phone. I still plan to add them to the map but I need to figure out the right way to do it. I also added maps for all of the disguises, so you can see what parts of level you have access to while wearing specific disguise.

Things to note:

  • I’m not a native english speaker (duh), and in some cases maybe I chose words poorly or use weird phrasing. Let me know!
  • I’m very rusty with my webdev skills, so the map can be a bit slow and/or buggy, but it should work fine for the most part. It’s not very mobile friendly at the moment but I’m working on it.
  • I’ve played the Paris level a lot and specifically examined it a couple of times while making the map, but I still could’ve missed something.
  • I have a lot of possible features in mind but not sure what should I prioritize, so please tell me what would you be interested in.

If you find any mistake or have a suggestion, let me know!


DD’s man, I mean like ( . Y . ) - Well done.

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Great! Maps like that are very useful.

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Wow. Just wow. True love for the game.


This is good. Well done.

I’d like to see the in game map improved a bit, it’s currently not that useful, Not to mention having to navigate through the menus to open it.

Please add a hotkey in the PC version for quick access to the map, guys!


Honestly, this forum should sticky this, or create a direct link to his site. Will be very useful for gamers moving forward. I’m impressed.


GREAT WORK MAN, I really like it :dizzy_face:

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Thanks! Release schedule on Hitman subreddit mentions Unspecified Location after the Japan map, and I remember reading some discussions about that, so I decided to add the Unknown location.

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There are 7 episodes spread over 6 maps.

Japan is the final map at this point but not the final episode. Most are assuming a return to a previous map for episode 7, perhaps altered slightly in some way with the final mission(s).

Amazing CSS :heart:️ Great work !

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Very impressive!
I have two suggestions: You may want to add the two climbable walls at the two far ends of the garden with the rotunda (lower left corner of your map). And you might want to replace ‘Open Balcony’ with just ‘Balcony’ since all balconies in the level are accessible.

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Fantastic! How do you do that kind of thing? This is really cool


@Winterbirds Being a Perfectionist (me :disappointed:) I tend to have everything in place when it comes to your great map, I noticed that you missed a Passage on the 1st floor outside the palace building, check it below (It’s in Red) and check it in the game:


@Winterbirds Grats Mate! your map website is featured in the Hitman Facebook Page


Fixed missing markers you suggested and renamed balconies. Thanks!

That’s really cool, glad IO liked it :slight_smile:


Would you settle for censored, PG-13? (<>Y<>)
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Doubt it

Sapienza, Italy

It took longer than I expected because Sapienza is so much bigger (~900 markers total) and includes more disguises, unique items and interactions.

Hopefully, future maps won’t take as much time :slight_smile:


Very amazing work.

I’ll bookmark this for sure.

The first question that came to mind was “I wonder if the devs have something like this.”

It will be useful in making contracts

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Wow! Thank you for doing that, I found the first one of Paris a lot of fun to have on some of my runs of the game and look forward to playing sapienza with that map by my side.

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