I made an interactive map of Hitman Paris level

Fantastic! How do you do that kind of thing? This is really cool


@Winterbirds Being a Perfectionist (me :disappointed:) I tend to have everything in place when it comes to your great map, I noticed that you missed a Passage on the 1st floor outside the palace building, check it below (It’s in Red) and check it in the game:


@Winterbirds Grats Mate! your map website is featured in the Hitman Facebook Page


Fixed missing markers you suggested and renamed balconies. Thanks!

That’s really cool, glad IO liked it :slight_smile:


Would you settle for censored, PG-13? (<>Y<>)
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Doubt it

Sapienza, Italy

It took longer than I expected because Sapienza is so much bigger (~900 markers total) and includes more disguises, unique items and interactions.

Hopefully, future maps won’t take as much time :slight_smile:


Very amazing work.

I’ll bookmark this for sure.

The first question that came to mind was “I wonder if the devs have something like this.”

It will be useful in making contracts

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Wow! Thank you for doing that, I found the first one of Paris a lot of fun to have on some of my runs of the game and look forward to playing sapienza with that map by my side.

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I was just about to ask you if Sapienza map is finished :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I think eventually they will have something like this in the game, they added markers for dropped disguises in one of the recent patches, so they’re definitely looking for ways to improve in-game map.

Thank you, glad you like it!

I got you :slight_smile: But yeah, the map is enormous and filled with all kinds of stuff, took some time to explore everything.

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Whoa did you do this yourself? That’s…incredibly amazing…
If you didn’t tell me I would totally have thought that these are official guide maps…


Hitmanmaps.com so amazing!

I really would like to do map for tracking.
You made my dream come true.

I want to help improve more if you need.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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These are amazing — thank you for all the work you put into to making them!

If I can make a small request: would you consider extending the search box to include weapons? I know you can hide all the markers and then dig down into the sub-categories to filter the map to all locations of a single weapon, but it might be easier to use if they were included in the search results, which at the moment seems to be limited to key items, targets and interactions.

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Hi @Winterbirds

I saw 1 disguise is missing in hitmanmaps.
It is Green Plumber, similar with Red Plumber.
Green Plumber man is on level 3, go through under fountain at front gate of mansion to level 2, then up stair on level 3.

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Nice work again! Can you tell me how you do such thing? I really wish I could make interactive stuff easy to “browse” a lot of informations in one place

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I can help you input data, or change js to support data more easily.

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I used your code and tried some changes on my local environment.
I can input data simply in csv file now, then use js code to load data into map.

I am making draw toolbar to support create markers, draw path directly on the map.
So I think this improvement can shorten input data time.


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Maybe it could be the location where that one main antagonist us hiding. Hopefully we get more information on him in future episodes

Marrakesh, Morocco

Hi, me again :slight_smile: New map of Marrakesh (aka The Land of Scooters) and some minor fixes to previous. This time I added almost every useful marker in the search box, so you can for example search for Zaydan and highlight food/drinks you can poison to kill him.